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HTC First (and my last) with Facebook Home

The HTC First is the debut device powered by Facebook Home, an app-meets-skin that focuses the phone experience to all things Facebook. There is a lot to like and a lot more to dislike in the device. Here are my impressions.

Les Moonves on Aereo: “It’s not something I lose sleep over”

With his company reporting an 8 percent spike in second-quarter revenue, the CBS chief says the kerfuffle over Barry Diller’s new streaming broadcast-network service has been “really exaggerated greatly.” Moonves also told investors Thursday that a renewal of CBS’ Neflix deal is “preordained.”

Users to YouTube: let us record your videos

Google has been cracking down on sites and services that make it possible to convert videos into MP3 files, but now some of its users are firing back with a petition. Their logic: YouTube is a broadcast site, so it should also allow recording.

Bob Mansfield, head of iPhone, iPad, Mac hardware, to retire

Another Apple executive who was part of Steve Jobs’ inner circle at Apple is heading out the door. This time it’s Bob Mansfield, the SVP for Hardware Engineering. Apple announced Thursday afternoon that he will be retiring. No date was given for his exit.

Murdoch agrees to split News Corp.

Three days after its talks about splitting the company went public, News Corp. makes it official. Rupert Murdoch has agreed to partially dismantle the conglomerate, spinning off its publishing and education assets into a new company — with him as chairman of both.

Google’s dilemma

As the web is changing to become more mobile and social, consumer behavior is also changing, and that makes things difficult for companies like Google, who have to somehow find their way in a new world while still not “being evil.”

Tiny Review comes to Austin and to the web with TinySX

The Tiny Review has ported its app’s functionality to the web, with a meme generator called TinySX. The site is focused solely on capturing the intricacies of SXSW, and to see what memes emerge from those both on the ground in Austin and at home.

The New California Gold Rush

“I haven’t done any deals” in this year’s first quarter, “because it’s crazy out there.  It’s a true California Gold Rush.” Mike Maples,…

20 Reasons Not to Start an Email Startup

Facebook’s much-anticipated announcement of its Social Inbox and acquisition of Zenbe, a mail-related startup, has directed a lot of attention to startups dedicated to reshaping the email landscape. But former Xoopit CEO Bijan Marashi warns that that goal may be too lofty for a startup.

Anyone But Me Season 3 May Go VOD

Anyone But Me, one of the web series world’s most-watched teen dramas, has called an end to their efforts to crowdsource funds for a third season, having raised approximately $33,000 towards the production of episodes — which will ultimately mean five new episodes, or more.

Microsoft Loses A KIN Manager To Yahoo

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has hired John Matheny, one of the managers behind the KIN, which Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) abruptly shut down a month-or-so…

AOL Vet Marty Moe Prepares To Exit

After nine years with the company, AOL (NYSE: AOL) content exec Marty Moe is getting ready to leave the company, AllThingsD reports, citing…

YouTuber JP Metz Has Plenty of (Angry) Makeup Tips

YouTuber Week continues with JP Metz, one of many vloggers making videos about applying cosmetics. However, she’s the only one regularly cussing out her fans and offering don’ts instead of dos, and her particular brand of snarky ranting is great parody and great fun.

The Short and Illustrious History of Twitter #Hashtags

On August 23, 2007, the Twitter hashtag was born. Invented by Chris Messina (now an open web advocate for Google), the first tweet with a hashtag read as follows: “how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?”

NYTCo Sells A Sliver Of Its Red Sox Stake

After months of soliciting bids, the NYTCo has managed sell a tiny piece of its New England Sports Ventures, which includes the Boston Red S…

How Will Twitoaster Stack Up?

We’ve written extensively about how tweets seriously lack context, due, at least in part, to the inherently disjointed nature of the Twitter…

Quietly, Netvibes Grows Its Revenue

Last week, Netvibes, a Paris-based web startup that allows people to assemble their personalized start pages, debuted new features such as adding…

Connecticut Rolls Out New Cleantech Fund

Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced that Connecticut has launched a $9 million fund to make investments in seed and early-stage companies, focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental remediation and clean water.

To YC or to VC? That is my question…

I’m a repeat founder and YCombinator groupie. I’m the wrong age group to apply to YCombinator, but I’ve still learned a lot…