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Superman wears Warby Parker

Movie merchandising is nothing new. What’s new is that Warby Parker, an online brand (going offline) is partnering up with the Man of Steel movie on eyewear that is inspired by Clark Kent nee Superman.

Zenoss taps $25M to monitor the IT universe

Zenoss will use its new-found cash to staff up its international operations, better support global partners, and improve the real-time analytics of its IT monitoring system, said CEO Bill Karpovich.

Larry King Returns: New show kicks off on Hulu Tuesday

The suspenders are back starting Tuesday night, with Family Guy and Ted creative mastermind Seth MacFarlane serving as the first guest on King’s new interview show. The half-hour program will run on Hulu, Hulu Plus and Ora TV in the early-evening hours Monday thru Thursday.

Are we living in Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451?

Ray Bradbury’s landmark novel Fahrenheit 451 is usually seen as a protest against government censorship, but the author said it was about how television and other media were making people less interested in ideas. What would Bradbury think of the world we live in now?

After a rough six months, Netflix marketing chief steps down

After a tumultuous year for Netflix, long-time Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Kilgore will be stepping down from her role with the company. In her place, Netflix has named Jessie Becker as its interim Chief Marketing Officer and appointed Jonathan Friedland as the company’s Chief Communications Officer.

U.S. CIO Kundra leaving for Harvard post

Vivek Kundra, the U.S.’ first Chief Information Officer, is stepping down later this summer to take a fellowship position at Harvard University. Kundra has worked to transition the federal government to the cloud while strengthening cybersecurity and promoting more transparency and openness.

So Long James and Thanks For the Mobile Tech!

Has it really been two years and five months since James Kendrick and I joined GigaOM? Indeed it has, and the journey has been one of knowledge, collaboration and community. But everyone has a different path in life and today, James is setting out on his.

Clean Energy Supporters, Go West and Get FIT

Everyone knows that California was the brightest shining light in the oppressive darkness that descended on the clean energy world on Nov. 2. While clean energy hopes were being snuffed out across the country, California went the right way towards a sustainable energy future.

Google Adds Rohit Khare to Social Team With Angstro Buy

Google has acquired the assets of Angstro and added co-founder Rohit Khare to its yet-to-be-launched Google Me social team, led by Vic Gundotra and Max Levchin. Angstro built tools for users to receive integrated and disambiguated feeds of news and up-to-date contact information from social sites.

EMusic Hires Klein As New CEO

Online music “club” eMusic has hired Adam Klein as its new CEO. Klein is a long-time digital media executive, who has overseen EMI’s digital…

Sling Co-founder Jason Krikorian Joins DCM

Jason Krikorian, co-founder of video technology company Sling Media, has joined venture capital firm DCM as a general partner. In January ‘0…

SlingMedia CoFounder Joins Venture Firm

Jason Krikorian, one of the co-founders of SlingMedia left the place shifting start-up in January 2009 and since then has been taking it easy. But now he has now decided to go back to work. He is joining Doll Capital Management as a general partner.

Battery Backs Ex-MySpace Exec with $4 MM

Gogobot, a company started by Travis Katz, formerly Managing Director (International) at MySpace and Ori Zaltzman, former Chief Architect of Yahoo’s BOSS search offering said that it has raised $4 million in funding from Battery Ventures. The company will launch its service in a few months.

Gary Kremen: From to a Greentech Angel

Gary Kremen, the founder of and once owner of, says he’s trying to cleanse his soul. What he means by that is four years ago, he turned all of his attention to being an angel investor in early-stage greentech startups.

Nokia's Million-dollar Challenge to Developers

This morning in his CES keynote, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia’s president and CEO, highlighted the company’s global role in the mobile world. He also issued a million-dollar challenge to developers focused on upwardly mobile applications for developing areas.

Why Gravity, a New Startup, Can't Defy Gravity

Gravity, a Los Angeles-based startup co-founded by three former MySpace executives launched a beta version of its service that tries to re-invent the concept of conversations. Looking at it purely from a very surface level, they have their work cut out for them.

For Twitter, the Only Way Is Up

Earlier this evening, along with a select few journalists, I got a chance to interact with French Minister for Digital Development, Mrs.…

Experts Get Serious About Cloud Security

In what could turn out to be a giant leap for cloud computing, a collection of cyber security experts from across the IT spectrum has launched the Cloud Security Alliance. The group’s stated mission is to promote best practices that ensure security in the cloud, and founding members include everyone from Jim Reavis, co-founder of Reavis Consulting Group, to David Cullinane, chief information security officer at eBay, and Alan Boehme, senior V-P of IT strategy and architecture at ING. The CSA’s aim is not, however, to make the cloud ready for the enterprise, but to make sure it remains usable.

Former JDSU CEO Pops Up at Avaya

Kevin Kennedey who yesterday resigned his position as CEO and president of teleco equipment maker JDS Uniphase, was named CEO and president of Avaya Inc. this morning. Kennedy will replace Avaya’s Interim CEO Charles Giancarlo, who will step up to the role of chairman at the telephone equipment maker.

JDS Uniphase CEO Quits

JDS Uniphase (s JDSU) President & CEO Kevin Kennedy has resigned and will be taking over as the CEO of another unnamed…

GigaOM Acquires jkOnTheRun

As part of growing our company and increasing our footprint into the mobile domain, we have acquired jkOnTheRun blog, a nifty and intelligent resource for all things mobile. It is first of the many efforts on our part to grow the company into complementary and adjacent sectors. Continue Reading the story….

The All-For-Nots Play Kimmel

The All-For-Nots, the real-life band made up for the fictional documentary web series of the same name, will be playing Jimmy Kimmel…

Google: What This Yahoo Deal Isn’t….

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is trying hard to explain what this Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) deal isn’t, mainly to allay any regulatory fears, among other fea…

ShareThis Raises $15 Million

It is everywhere…that green ShareThis button, that is. It is a clever little script that allows web surfers to share web pages,…

Netvibes Grows Up

Netvibes, with today’s release of the latest version of its personalized start page service, Ginger, thinks it finally sees a way to…

Imaginova Serious About More Acquisitions

Science media company Imaginova, the parent company of, and, is serious about doing more acquisitions…