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Cloudcheckr boosts support for Amazon GovCloud

Amazon’s GovCloud presents its own special demands on users and service providers who work with it. CloudCheckr says it’s the only third-party AWS monitoring company that can help agencies assess their GovCloud workloads.

Twitter turns over OWS tweets after threat from judge

A New York judge who has been disciplined in the past for misusing social media today forced Twitter to turn over the tweets of one of its users. The surrender serves to undercut Twitter’s right to appeal part of the closely watched social media case.

Sun app shows off potential of mobile web apps

Jakob Henner has put together a very simple weather app – Sun. It is not a native iOS app. Instead it is a mobile web app and you can hardly tell the difference. It is a good showcase of the potential of web-based mobile apps.

AT&T deal fallout continues: T-Mobile CEO resigns

T-Mobile’s CEO Philipp Humm has resigned, according to the company. The move is a surprise to industry watchers and T-Mobile’s COOs Jim Alling, will take over the duties of the CEO while the nation’s fourth largest phone carrier searches for a replacement.

Netflix promotes two key content VPs

With TV repeats and original series emerging as important drivers of Netflix’s content mix, the company has made two key executive moves intended to bolster those areas. Cindy Holland will now serve as VP of original content, while Jason Ropell will oversee U.S. TV licensing.

Boston is a database hub. Here are 5 startups to watch

The metro Boston area has good database DNA dating back to Digital’s Rdb. Those good genes are resurfacing in a fresh crop of database startups clustered in the area. Here are five hot database startups to watch in the Boston-Cambridge-Waltham nexus..

Extreme sports stars get their own YouTube channels

YouTube’s addition of over 100 premium original channels is well underway. The latest group of channels to join comes from the action sports vertical, which will finally give skateboarding, surfing and other extreme sports fans a place to catch up on moves in the industry.

Netflix: a beautiful castle on quicksand

It seems almost everyone has had their say on Netflix and the stock swoon that followed company’s decision to separate its DVD and streaming operations. Peter Fenton, a well known VC with Benchmark Capital shared his thoughts on Netflix via what else, Twitter.

Can teen dating network Snog avoid the kiss of death?

When Britain’s teenagers aren’t rioting, they’re spending their time ogling each other on a hot website that’s just scored significant investment from a Canadian web mogul. But can turn itself into something useful — or will it fade into obscurity?

Joe Hewitt, Mobile Guru Leaves Facebook

Joe Hewitt who built the initial version of Facebook for the iPhone, left the social networking company today. Hewitt, who has had incredible influence over Facebook’s mobile success, left to work on his own focusing on tools for developers and designers. He joined Facebook in 2007.

How Software Will Redefine Networking

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and others have established Open Networking Foundation, an industry group that seeks to push the radical new Open Flow technology and the idea behind it, Software Defined Networking (SDN) in new directions. This push could have major ramifications for incumbent gearmakers.

How AOL Video Climbed the comScore Charts

AOL has grown its video business through acquisitions and in-house production — and seen that hard work pay off in traffic. AOL Video is now number five in unique viewers and number seven in videos viewed, in large part, because AOL has come to embrace third-party content.

New Series The Morning After Nudges Hulu Into Production

Hulu has become a major destination site for television fans since its launch, serving up both primetime and original content. But this week, it gets the closest it’s ever gotten to crossing the line between content production and content distribution with a new web original series.

Netflix Is Getting Rid of the Instant Queue

The Instant Queue used to be the only way to watch videos from Netflix growing online catalog, but devices like the Xbox, the PS3, the Wii and Roku all have added search and catalog browsing in recent month – and the days of the Queue are numbered.

Q&A Site VYou Breaks 1M Video Views In 1 Month of Beta

The video Q&A site VYou, which launched in beta last month with an eclectic mix of celebrity users, hits right at the core of what drives social networking. And despite some flaws, the site has the potential to evolve into an interesting community of conversation.

Dan Savage Starts YouTube Campaign for Gay Teens

Every adolescent needs to hear the message that no matter how bad things might be, things improve after high school — but gay teenagers especially need that encouragement. That’s just what Dan Savage and the other contributors to the “It Gets Better” project are offering.

Former FCC Chair & Team Working on a New Energy Bill

Former FCC Chairman, turned green policy advocate, Reed Hundt tells us in an interview this week that he, along with John Podesta’s Center for American and Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, is beginning a project to draft an energy bill for the next Congress.

7 Reasons Why Techies Love Inception

With opening weekend box office receipts of $62.8 million, it’s clear that the film “Inception” appeals to a broad audience, but Silicon Valley in particular is burning with love for this movie. And I can see why: let me address that question on multiple levels.

When it Comes to Broadband, UK Still A Laggard

A few years ago, the British government claimed that by 2012 it would have minimum broadband speeds of 2 Mbps available across the country. That target has now been shifted to 2015. Officials hold lack of funding for slow progress.

Tubefilter CEO Exits, New Product On The Way

Tubefilter CEO Brady Brim-Deforest is exiting the company for a new opportunity in the digital entertainment space, leaving Marc Hustvedt, Drew Baldwin and Joshua Cohen as the company’s remaining officers while they prepares to launch a new product for the web series world.

Q&A: Greenhouse Capital Partners Founder Peter Henig

In a former life Peter Henig, founder and partner of Greenhouse Capital Partners, was a hard hitting journalist. But like other famous reporters-turned VCs — like Sequoia’s Michael Moritz — Henig took the leap to investing and now uses his fund to back greentech startups.

Xing Founder Tries Euro Twist on Y Combinator Model

Lars Hinrichs, who founded the European social network Xing, has launched a new startup fund/incubator called HackFwd, which calls itself a “pre-seed investment company.” But some say the fund’s asking price is too high: 27 percent of a startup’s equity in return for an initial investment.

Spark and Venrock VCs to Create New Seed Fund: Report

Seed-stage investing is where it’s at these days. If you’re starting an Internet company with the slightest bit of potential, funders are probably already knocking on your door. Now comes word that three East Coast VCs focused on the web are forming another early-stage fund.

New Swoopo CEO Campaigns Against Copycats

Swoopo, the crazy “entertainment shopping” site where users buy bids to compete against one another and lengthen the time until an auction closes, has spread to seven countries, facilitated 200,000+ transactions, and inspired tens of behavioral economics academic papers over the last 4.5 years.

The Essence of iPad

Most of the iPad reactions I’ve read have been negative, but I have been completely satisfied with what Apple announced. iPad is exactly the product I’ve been wishing for ever since I wrapped my mind around the iPhone and its constraints.

YouTube’s Pitch to Hollywood

YouTube (s GOOG) came to Los Angeles this week to seek out content partners, pitching them its 3-month-old redesign for premium content.…

Interview: Pelago

Last week, I caught up with Jeff Holden, the CEO of Pelago, which is developing Whrrl, an application for mobile phones that lets people sha…

The Daily Sprout

Q&A with Paul Holland of Foundation Capital: Holland says that “we’re entering the second inning of the clean-tech investing game.” So who’s…

SingTel CFO Quits

SingTel group CFO Francis Heng has announced he will leave the post on Sept 1, apparently for personal reasons. The resignation comes 11 day…

Online Speed Dater WooMe Raises $3 Million

SF-based WooMe, a service that facilitates personal introductions, a la speed dating, has raised $3 million led by Mangrove Capital, along w…

@ SIIA: The Business Climate For VCs

Another conference, another view of the VC market: At SIIA, it was a more subdued affair than the “all things disrupted” pep rally this morn…

Create a Success Habit

Today’s Thought of the Day is about creating what the 19th century business writer Napoleon Hill dubbed the Success Habit in his…

Sorry State of US Broadband

Chris Holland over at Broadband Blog writes, that he is worried about the US broadband future. “As I watch many states being…

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I want to indulge in this thing called Podcasting. Now is there a software that would allow me to basically take the…