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Perfect stocking stuffer gifts for iPad and iPhone fans

Still undecided what to get someone on your holiday gift list? From backup phone batteries, to warm gloves you can wear while tapping on your iPhone, we’ve collected some essential items and accessories all under $100 that any iPhone or iPad users could use.

A lack of boardroom diversity is risky business

According to recent research, companies with women on their boards perform better in volatile markets than those with all-male boards. Samantha F. Ravich, co-chair of the National Commission for the Review of R&D Programs in the Intelligence Community, explains why tech companies should take notice.

Hulu shows off new series – why one of them needs to be a hit

The company hasn’t reported Hulu Plus subscription data since revealing that it hit the 2 million mark earlier this year. Of course, with Hulu presenting its new originals and foreign acquisitions to TV critics Tuesday in Beverly Hills, having a hit series wouldn’t hurt subscriber growth.

Dow Jones reshuffles, president out

One of the few remaining fixtures from Dow Jones’ pre-News Corp days has moved on. Dow Jones announced today that President Todd Larsen has resigned, ending his two-year tenure at that position and 13 overall years at the company.

42Floors makes searching for commercial real estate easy

A new startup called 42Floors is devoted to taking away some of the pain of searching for commercial real estate, making your search for office space more like searching for your next apartment, with a web-based interface to scan based on price and location — and pictures!

What I learned from teaming up with Google

When Mobify CEO Igor Faletski participated in a Google event, he didn’t realize that the tech giant could teach him so much about running his startup more effectively. Here are the four lessons he learned and advice on how to put them into action.

Brit TV favorite Misfits fits in on Hulu

The acclaimed British series Misfits couldn’t find a home on American networks. But that didn’t stop Hulu, which will be airing not just the first two seasons of the cult hit this summer, but the third season this fall when it premieres on British television.

Everything is a Remix? That’s What Kirby Ferguson Says

The newest project from Goodie Bag’s Kirby Ferguson, Everything is a Remix manages in seven minutes to show how ingrained sampling and remixing are in the music industry, using examples like the enduring baseline from Chic’s Good Times and Led Zeppelin’s greatest hits.

Alloy’s Teen-Skewed First Day is Decent But Derivative

if you’re looking for a example that defines the concept of “derivative television,” here you go: Alloy Entertainment’s First Day has TV-level production values, a strong lead actress and nothing to set it apart from a show intended for television, as opposed to the web. Picks Fight With Competitor Plenty of Fish has sent a strongly worded letter — written by the company’s lawyer — to competitor Plenty of Fish, accusing the free dating service of making unsubstantiated claims about its traffic and the number of users the site has.

Why Diversification Results In Mediocrity

When in doubt, diversify. That’s the underlying logic behind diversifying. The benefits of diversification with respect to risk come at a cost —  that of losing whatever edge you might have been able to gain from skill. If you seek extraordinary performance, focus on what you know very well, have conviction and take a stand. It’s the right way to build a product or to build a company.

Layoffs and Reorg at IAC-Owned Evite

Evite, the invitation service owned by IAC (NSDQ: IACI), is doing a reorg and laid off 9 employees out of 38 total, we have learned and conf…

What's on GigaNET: The Weekend Edition

OStatic: Famous writer David Foster Wallace, author of Infinite Jest killed himself. We will miss him and his word play. NewTeeVee: Barebones…

CEO of B2B Media Firm Penton Media Resigns

Penton Media, one of those troubled B2B media companies, is seeing more upheaval: John French, the CEO, is resigning. He will continue to st…

Forsee To Move To University Of Missouri

Ex-Sprint (NYSE: S) CEO Gary Forsee will reportedly be named the next president of the University of Missouri system, the uni where he got h…

Gary Forsee-Ya Later

[qi:026] In the third quarter of 2007, Reston, VA-based Sprint Nextel (S) announced that it will lose approximately 337,000 subscribers. Make that…

Introducing DTV: Internet TV

DTV is a new, free and open-source platform for internet television and video. An intuitive interface lets users subscribe to channels, watch video, and build a video library. Our publishing software lets you broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost. The project is non-profit, free and open source, and built on open standards. A Windows version of DTV and a full website are well underway and will arrive in the next several weeks.