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CIO Magazine: IBM Will Win the War With Amazon Rob Enderle has been analyst for too long and has mostly been wrong about his favorite target, Apple (s AAPL). And…

Are tech firms the new movie villains?

In a new film about the end of the world, Google Glass makes a cameo appearance — a move that may suggest tech firms could replace governments as Hollywood’s go-to bad guys.

Fisker hit with lawsuit over layoffs

Following Fisker’s decision to layoff 160 employees, or 75 percent of its staff, last week, the company has been hit with a class action lawsuit for allegedly violating the WARN Act, which says large companies need to give employees 60 days notice for mass layoffs.

It’s time to take election voting online

Identity fraud, hanging chads, voter list purges: such analog issues don’t belong in the digital age. Ori Eisen of online security firm 41st Parameter says we can cure those ills and increase voter turnouts, too, by dragging our voting system into the 21st century.

7 stories to read this weekend

Did AOL just come up with a new way to do email? Who is Felix Baumgartner? Are we too addicted to techno-nannies? What is happening to the American salesman? Ina Drew plus what lurks in the wild. Some of the stories on tap this week.

App stores are suffering from the tyranny of the charts

App developers are at the mercy of the app store charts, which play a huge role in determining an app’s success. That prevents a lot of good apps from being discovery and can lead to chart manipulation, said a panel of experts at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference.

Where to sell next-gen energy tech: India

The worst blackout in a decade hit Northern India on Monday forcing 370 million people to go without power. While blackouts are a huge problem for the country, they’re a massive opportunity for next-generation energy technologies like clean power, and the smart grid.

4 keys to a successful mobile strategy

Most executives are quick to say that mobile apps are an important part of their sales strategy, but many don’t realize how vital a robust strategy can be. EPiServer’s Bob Egner outlines four key analytics to consider before you go mobile.

Boston accelerator to focus on connected devices

Bolt, a new accelerator coming to the Boston area, will focus on startups wanting to build the “things” part of the internet of things. Ben Einstein, of Brainstream Design, wants Bolt to reduce barriers to entry for companies wanting to build actual physical products.

Amazon to book publishers: Welcome to the jungle, baby

Amazon is continuing to disrupt the publishing industry by signing deals with popular authors, and the latest is thriller writer Barry Eisler. After turning down a $500,000 advance from a traditional publisher, he says Amazon offered him a deal that was “the best of both worlds.”

Where mobile phones matter: Reaching the developing world

Forget the latest iPhone or Android handset, and watch how people are using mobile phones in Central Africa instead: Jana CEO Nathan Eagle has built technology to reach more than two billion consumers in the developing world, where airtime is money and mobile is the future.

The DigiTour Takes YouTube Musicians Live

Despite an initially slow start, the first show of the YouTube-sponsored DigiTour offered solid proof that musical talent translates from a web cam to a live venue. And if it’s successful, touring might prove to be another monetization option for these artists.

Updated: Ellis Jumps To Yahoo; AOL Re-Orgs

Updated: Mark Ellis is leaving AOL (NYSE: AOL) to join Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) to run North American sales, paidContent has heard from multiple s…

What iJustine’s New GTTV Gig Means for YouTube

Justine Ezarik is joining the cast of Spike TV’s rebranded Game Trailers TV on Jan. 27, but don’t worry, iJustine fans — the YouTube star will still be keeping up with her independent video work, even while covering tablets and TVs for the show’s fourth season.

Industry Moves: Clearwire; GSMA; Touchnote

— Clearwire: The 4G operator has appointed three new executives, all nominated by shareholder Sprint (NYSE: S), to its board of directors.…

Guild Star Launches Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour

Guild fans are more than familiar with Jeff Lewis’s particular brand of awkward humor, but how many have wondered how different Lewis is from the character of Vork. Based on the first episode of The Jeff Lewis Five Minute Comedy Hour the answer is… Not really.

C.S.I Crossover, iPad App Set for Level 26

For any casual C.S.I. viewer, the upcoming Oct. 14 episode “Sqweegel” means very little — but for those familiar with C.S.I. creator Anthony E. Zuiker’s “digi-novel” series Level 26, it means that the cross-platform franchise is adding at least one more platform.

Olga Kay’s Circus Lacks Story, But Looks Lovely

YouTuber Olga Kay’s past life as a circus performer and juggler has lead the actress to team up with director Andrea Ball and producer Sarah Evershed to make the Kickstarter-funded Olga Kay’s Circus, a lushly-filmed short that claims to be YouTube’s first interactive circus.

Interview: Why Platial Shut Down and What That Means for Geo

Platial, a first-generation map mashup startup, is throwing in the towel on its product and encouraging users to export their data. The company actually ran out of money 18 months ago, said co-founder and former CEO Di-Ann Eisnor in an interview today. Here’s her story.

WiMAX Not Really 4G: Ericsson CTO

Ericsson chief technology officer Hakan Eriksson tells me that the Swedish wireless gear maker is really big in the US, why WiMAX really isn’t 4G, and a world where 4G wireless broadband is a norm, we will soon need a device that is a cross between an iPhone & a Netbook.

@ CES: DoubleFusion

News that pre-holiday sales of Sony’s PS3 console slipped year-over-year (in contrast to marked growth for the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s…

BlogTV CEO Leaves Company

Just two weeks after we profiled his live video startup, BlogTV CEO Guy Eliav has left for greener pastures. Eliav, who had…