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Yahoo acquires news reading iPhone app Summly

Yahoo has acquired news-reading iOS app Summly, which was created by London teenager Nick D’Aloisio. Summly will no longer exist as a standalone app and will be removed from the iTunes Store today.

Why we should be excited about the future

If you look back too much, there is a good chance you will miss the future and the opportunities it brings, argues Peter Diamandis, Chairman & CEO, X Prize Foundation. What are some of today’s most innovative and thought provoking visions for our future? Watch this video.

7 Stories to read this weekend

What do we have on deck this week? How about Paul Krugman’s love for Isaac Asimov Novels, Sherlock Holmes, the empathic machine, Lenny Dystra, quitting Twitter and what sucks the life out of productivity.

Ebook case: more poetry and no refund for the judge

A lawyer in the high profile case over ebook price fixing is hoping a line of poetry will persuade a judge to stop the proceedings. Meanwhile, the judge said she will not collect a price-fixing refund as new prices go into effect today.

A conversation with Highlight’s Paul Davison (video)

Highlight, a mobile app at the intersection of social media and location-aware technology, was one of the most talked-about apps at SXSW but has kept a low profile since. In this series of videos, Om Malik talks to CEO Paul Davison about the company.

Twitter bellies up to booze boosters with Buddy Media

Want to get the latest news from Miller Light on Twitter? Hold up, youngsters. Twitter and Buddy Media announced a partnership Thursday that will allow Twitter to screen underage users attempting to follow alcohol and other adult brands through the social media service.

My review of the new iPad Reviews. How Meta!

The new iPad reviews are out . Depending on the reviewer, the reviews range from 787 words to 4,968 words. And here is my summary of those reviews. My favorite is Jim Dalrymple’s review. Walt Mossberg is still the gold standard. And I love John Gruber’s review.

South by serendipity

Your phone now knows who you are, where you are, and who you might want to see. And at SXSW, all of those things are coming together in several apps that will make it easier to strike up a conversation in a roomful of strangers.

Diabetes: For some misery, for others an opportunity

Diabetes is one of the fastest spreading diseases in modern society. Medication solves only half the problem – the trick is to constantly monitor sugar levels and one’s lifestyle. Now a group of startups are finding ways to make those tasks simpler and easier.

Has SAP gotten cloud religion?

When SAP pre-announced better-than-expected earnings, there was no mention of cloud computing. But, there is a feeling that the company, as it completes its buyout of SuccessFactors and closes more Business ByDesign deals, might be able to put its reputation of cloud cluelessness behind it.

The Outsider: Why this top Apple analyst is different blogger Horace Dediu has come from no where and become one of the most followed Apple analyst. His accurate track record and his ability to sift through mounds of publicly available data has made him many fans, especially amongst those who follow the phone business.

Meet the Internet’s newest boy genius

He is onto his fourth major iPhone app and his first startup. He has caught the attention of someone who previously invested in Skype, Facebook and Spotify. He thinks Google’s UI is not current with the web. And he is only sixteen. Meet London-based Nick D’Aloisio!

Ex-Skype Exec Rajiv Dutta Succumbs to Cancer

Rajiv Dutta, former President of Skype and more recently a partner at private equity firm, Elevation Partners succumbed to colon cancer on January 31, 2011. He joined the private equity firm, after spending nearly 10 years at eBay. He also served as President of PayPal.

Machinima Experiments With Long Tail Live Stream Event

The guys at just got done proving their l33t status, thanks to an epic live-streamed gaming marathon that lasted over three weeks. But the real purpose of the Call of Duty challenge was to see if an epic live event might have potential for advertisers.

Exelon Grabs John Deere’s Wind Projects for $860M

And you thought John Deere was all about tractors. This morning utility Exelon said it will buy up the wind power division of John Deere, called John Deere Renewables, for $860 million. John Deere Renewables has 965 MW of clean power projects under development in various stages.

Forecast: More Digital-Media IPOs Coming

In an eye-catching report earlier this week, New York investment bank Peachtree Media Advisors said there had been a surge in digital media…

Today’s Moment of Zen: How to Be Alone

A filmic adaptation of a poem by Canadian poet/songwriter/spoken word artist Tanya Davis and shot, animated and edited by filmmaker Andrea Dorfman (also Canadian), How to Be Alone blends together drawings and live-action to create a treatise on solitude, self-awareness and creativity.

What I Learned at VidCon: It’s All About Connection

Attendees of the inaugural VidCon conference last weekend were largely on the young side, but watching fans interact with their favorite YouTube creators made it clear that entertainment is changing, with audiences expecting a greater level of connection with creators than ever before.

Q&A: Brigitte Dale Moves to LA, ABC Family

Popular videoblogger Brigitte Dale scored a deal with NTV chatted with her via IM about her ideas on what makes a great video blog, if she plans to change formats for the new series, and what term she prefers for vlogging.

SquareLoop Gets $1 Million Angel Funding

Reston-based SquareLoop will announce $1 million in angel funding from Object Video chief executive Raul Fernandez, Capital One co-founder N…

Yahoo Bumps Up Sue Decker’s Compensation

Yahoo’s (NSDQ: YHOO) president Sue Decker’s salary has been bumped up, according to an 8-K filed earlier today with SEC. This comes as part…