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Clearwire breaking ground on new LTE network

Clearwire is starting its LTE build in the next two weeks and will ramp up its network in the fourth quarter. Once complete next year, Clearwire will sell capacity to other 4G carriers in city-centered hot zones. First, however, Clearwire needs to get compatible devices.

From ex-Facebookers, an online shopping engine for mobile apps

Leap Commerce, the company behind Best Decision, a mobile shopping app is working on a platform that would make shopping more easy and simpler. It wants to integrate other third party services such as Taskrabbit. Time for someone like Pinterest to snap them up.

Pay TV model won’t die anytime soon, analyst says

Busy Lazard Capital analyst Barton Crockett says there’s enough margin thickness and consumer elasticity to sustain 8 percent annual program fee increases for another dozen years. But as the system reaches its limits, Crockett also finds that programers like Disney will be hit hardest.

Just how big is the Amazon cloud anyway?

Everyone knows Amazon’s cloud is huge but many want to know exactly how huge it is. The latest to try is Deepfield Networks worked with unnamed partners to find that 1/3 of all Internet users touch on AWS at least once a day.

DRM is crushing indie booksellers online

By requiring retailers to encrypt e-books with DRM, big publishers are essentially banning online indie bookstores and increasing their own dependence on the whims of Apple and Amazon. Emily Gould and Ruth Curry of Emily Books look at the problem DRM poses indie booksellers.

O3b’s super satellite broadband coming in 2013

O3b Networks, a Google-backed, satellite-based telecom company, says it will launch its revolutionary new satellite-broadband service next year. It launched with fanfare in 2008 and in 2010 raised a whopping $1.18 billion but had to limit its size and scope because of the global credit squeeze.

IBM buys Green Hat for cloud-based app testing

It’s four days into the new year and IBM just made its first acquisition of 2012 — it is buying Green Hat, a company that simulates application testing in the cloud. The deal is all about IBM building its automated software testing portfolio.

Is Qualcomm’s Brew (OS) dead?

The falling fortunes of Symbian, the chaos as WebOS withers, and hiccups at BlackBerry are pretty visible signs of the upheavals in the mobile operating systems. The change obviously is because of the rise of Internet and touch centric operating systems. Is Brew OS next?

IBM Buys Tririga for Smarter Building Software

IBM has long talked about making acquisitions in the smart grid space. Here’s the latest: Tuesday morning, IBM announced it has acquired Tririga, a startup that makes sustainability and building energy management software. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

How Keyboard Cat Is Keeping its Creator in Business

The original Keyboard Cat video was filmed in 1984. Its star died in 2000. But the legacy of Keyboard Cat lives on, thanks to creator Charlie Schmidt, who has taken the brand and, with some inspiration from Banksy, found a meeting place between art and commerce.

SunShot: New DOE Program Seeks Solar At $1/watt

Energy Secretary Steve Chu on Friday said his agency has offered $27.3 million to nine companies through a new initiative — called SunShot — that he said will help cut down solar electricity pricing dramatically, down to $1 per watt, by the end of the decade.

How Bradford Cross Plans to Save the Media Industry

The web continues to disrupt the media business, both in terms of distribution and monetization, and publishers are desperately trying paywalls, iPad apps and anything else they can think of to cope. Bradford Cross wants to help change all that with his new startup, Woven.

KleenSpeed Launches $15K Electric Car System

KleenSpeed, an electric vehicle tech startup that uses the racetrack as a testbed, has launched a $15,000 electric vehicle power system that can be used to convert internal combustion engine cars into EVs. It’s a step closer to its goal of becoming an auto maker.

Paul Crik: Is He Real, Or a Trick?

Let’s talk about Killin’ It With Paul Crik, the work of a self-help philosopher who supposedly offers a 21st century approach to living the life you want. He is ridiculous, yet entertaining — but is it an act, or is it real?

Test Drive Video: CODA’s Electric Sedan

Check out our test drive video of Coda’s electric sedan — the first mainstream all-electric car to hit the market from a startup. Coda’s CEO tells us it’s got a more reliable and longer range than competitive all-electric car the Nissan LEAF.

Ex-AdAge Editor Bloom Exits Breaking Media

Just over half-a-year since they left Advertising Age, Jonah Bloom and Matt Creamer have left their posts at B2B blog network Breaking Media…

Key Yahoo Search Executive Leaves

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) VP of search consumer products Larry Cornett, who was central to the company’s message that it remained dedicated to the…

Kevin Costner, the New Face of Entrepreneurs

Kevin Costner is becoming a spokesman for entrepreneurs who claim their products can do wonders to clean up oil spills. The actor testified on a U.S. Senate’s Committee yesterday about a centrifuge technology from his company Ocean Therapy Solutions that separates oil from water.

TheWB’s Exposed Uneven But Intriguing

The pitch on TheWB’s new drama/thriller is a pretty simple one — good-looking medical student with a secret past tries to keep from destroying his future. The mystery is intriguing, but a number of awkward moments might raise the eyebrows of the nitpicky.

Silicon Valley, Wake Up and Smell the Net Neutrality

The issue of network neutrality is a big one for Silicon Valley, but you might never know it given the head-in-the-sand response from tech executives whose very livelihood depends on their ability to send the content they develop to millions of consumers over broadband pipes.

Cpedia Founder Says Errors Are "Intentional"

Cpedia founder Tom Costello has lashed out in a blog post at critics of his automated encyclopedia engine, which is a spinoff of the Cuil search engine he founded with his wife, ex-Google Anna Patterson. Costello says the errors found in Cpedia are “intentional.”

Yet Another Yahoo Director To Leave

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz now has a third board seat she can fill. John Chapple, the president of PE firm Hawkeye Investments (and…

Livestream: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on Broadband Policy

Today we’re coming to you live from the GigaOM HQ in San Francisco, where FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has joined us to talk about broadband. The hour-long forum will kick off at 10 a.m. PT — we hope you can join us!

What’s Up, “G”?

Updated: From his ostentatious display of wealth to his appearance on Fox’s “The Secret Millionaire,” one thing is for sure, if you…

And Now a Service to Roll Your Own iPhone Apps

Sweb Apps publicly launched an eponymous web site today where small- and medium-sized businesses can create their own iPhone applications, providing a…

Walter Cronkite: 1916-2009

Pardon this interruption from our usual topics but we are first and foremost a news organization and we cannot let the passing today of Walt…

Farewell, Sampa

Sampa, a secure, weblog-style site where families can post events, videos, pictures and stories, says it’s shutting down in August because the…

EQO May Be Done

The bad news for mobile VoIP startups keeps coming. EQO, which had cut nearly 65 percent of its workforce about two months…

The Daily Sprout

Sam’s Club Selling Solar Panels: Nine Sam’s Club (owned by Wal-Mart) stores in southern California will be promoting rooftop solar installations in…

Cuil Finally Gets Going

These days, anyone starting a search-related effort almost certainly has to deal with the G-Factor. Are they trying to take on Google?…

Interview: Sega Mobile VP Chaplin:

The gaming industry came out early and strongly in favor of the new features the iPhone brought to the scene just over a year ago. Developer…

Clock Ticking On Pageflakes?

Updated, Monday, 7.30 PST: Personalized web page startup Pageflakes has run into trouble and is desperately seeking a buyer, according to our…

Marc, the Man Who Cried More Open Social

In a declaration marked by his characteristic passive-aggressiveness, Marc Canter is predicting big changes for social networking in 2008. Canter’s swaggering aside,…

Falling over the (Reef)Edge

WiFi LAN business continues to go through a shakeout. It is particularly brutal in the wireless switch business where too many players…

MMC Albums, Two Expensive?

The Carphone Warehouse has teamed up with EMI Music to offer the first Multimedia Memory Cards (MMC) for mobile phones featuring the…