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Netflix names former Warner exec its permanent CMO

Six months following the departure of longtime marketing chief Leslie Kilgore, Netflix turns to an international marketing executive with deep roots in European media/entertainment. This comes, of course, as the company is about to embark on a major expansion of its Western European operations.

Qup brings Netflix to your inbox

Want to know whenever Netflix adds something good to its instant streaming catalog? Then check out Qup, which offers customizable email notifications for new Netflix content. There are many tools to help you find content on Netflix out there, but this is definitely worth a look.

Amazon acquires 62-year-old publisher Avalon Books

Amazon has acquired Avalon Books, a small publisher that focuses on hardcover mystery, romance and Westerns, and will make its titles available digitally for the first time. Avalon Books has been geared primarily toward the library market; now Amazon will try to go wider.

Exclusive: Why Glenn Beck is selling pillows, salsa and survival kits

Glenn Beck is launching an online marketplace that sells goods from small businesses and describes its business model as “real-world trickle-down economics.” “I strongly believe in the power of small businesses,” Beck says. “Their stories, their products and their passion is what makes America great.”

Yahoo-Facebook patent fight: more than meets the eye

The news of Yahoo suing Facebook for infringing its patents has drawn sharp reactions from some of the more measured voices in our industry.However, there is more than meets the eye to the whole Facebook-Yahoo scrum, for suing Facebook is a pretty drastic step for Yahoo.

If only Android phones were this cute

Toy artist Andrew Bell who recently won the Toy King trophy is doing a series of Android collectables, according to NotCot. The cute Android figurines are not too expensive and the Summer 2011 collection will be available from August 1, 2011: no 2-year carrier contract required!

User Experience FTW! Twitter Loses the Quick Bar

Twitter ditched the Quick Bar it only recently introduced to its iPhone application Thursday, following complaints from users that it seriously marred the app’s user experience. The Quick Bar brought trending topics to a user’s main timeline, and trends might be where the deeper problem lies.

R.I.P. Paul Baran — Internet Pioneer, Engineer

Paul Baran, one of the legends of the Internet who started seven companies and came up with the concept of packet switching passed away at his home in Palo Alto, Calif. He died of lung complications. Baran was 84.

IndexTank, a Hosted Search Startup Launches

IndexTank, a San Francisco-based startup, says it has raised $1.6 million in funding, and is using it to offer a search-as-an-API service for fast changing web sites and mobile applications. The company’s focus is on relevance and speed delivered to thousands of independent developers.

Pioneer One Trailblazes a New Path to TVs

Distributed directly to torrent sites, the fan-funded sci-fi series Pioneer One has won awards, contended with guilds and, so far, been viewed over two million times. With the second episode set to launch in December, the big question becomes: Is this model sustainable?

AutoTrader Is Acquiring Kelley Blue Book

Auto sales site AutoTrader is acquiring Kelley Blue Book in a deal that is expected to close by the end of the year. The 84-year-old KBB is…

Goodbye Rich

Rich Buchanan, former chief marketing officer at Ooma and former vice president of marketing at Sling Media, passed away yesterday due to health complications. He was a fixture at many of our events and had become a dear friend to me and our company.

Khosla Ventures Signs On Former British PM Tony Blair

Vinod Khosla’s high profile greentech venture firm Khosla Ventures announced this morning that it will sign on former U.K. prime minister Tony Blair as a Senior Advisor. Blair, through his organization Tony Blair Associates, will provide advice and connections for Khosla Venture’s portfolio companies.

Booyah: Accel Picks a Location Startup and Gives It $20M

Booyah, which makes the location-based mobile gaming app MyTown, has raised $20 million in a round led by Accel Partners and including Kleiner Perkins and DAG Ventures. The company also added Accel’s Jim Breyer, well-known for being a Facebook board member, to its own board.

Is This What the New Twitter Will Look Like?

Twitter designer Doug Bowman has uploaded a screenshot of a potential redesign of the web site, giving eager users a glimpse of some changes that could be rolled out soon. New features appear to include more analytics based on how active a user is on Twitter.

Stewart Butterfield's Tiny Speck Gets $5M From VCs

Tiny Speck, the online game company started by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield has raised $5 million in new funding from Accel Partners and Andreessen Horowitz. The new cash comes on top of $1.5 million it raised from Accel Partners and other angel investors.

Ex-Six Apart CEO Joins Wolfram Alpha

Barak Berkowitz, a veteran of Silicon Valley, has joined Wolfram Alpha, an intelligent search engine by Wolfram Research, a Champaign, Ill.-based company founded by scientist Stephen Wolfram. He joins as the managing director, a position that is roughly equivalent to the title of chief executive officer.

Long-Time Director Burkle To Quit Yahoo Board

Yet another Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) board member is leaving. The company says that billionaire Ron Burkle who has served on the company board sin…

IMG In Talks To Buy Mark Burnett Prods.

IMG, the big sports and talent agency which was in news recently about a trial-balloon-attempt to buy the company, is in advanced talks to b…

Google Takes on OpenX

This morning, Google said it was launching a hosted ad server program for small- to medium-sized web publishers called Ad Manager. As…

Zude! Startup Scores $5.3M

Fifth Generation Systems, owner of drag-and-drop web page customization technology provider Zude, has raised an additional $5.3 million in a second round…

Annoyed about Eject

I love my Macbook Pro, it’s hands down the best laptop I’ve owned. It is aesthetically pleasing, it runs virtually any operating…

Starbucks, the global connector

Starbucks, for all its faults, has two things going for it: extremely friendly baristas and a global WiFi network. Coffee, well that…