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What we talk about when we talk about security and privacy

In discussions about the Internet of Things, the lines between the concepts of “security,” “privacy,” “data integrity” and “liability” quickly get blurred. To discuss these issues seriously, we must separate them out and clarify the most important issues that need to be addressed for each.

What’s the best way to fund the internet of things?

The IoT community is still debating which of three different funding models will best support development, with some favored by Europe and some by the US. Understanding these models is crucial to understanding where the technology is heading and what region will lead the way.

Some thoughts on smartwatches (including Samsung GalaxyGear)

As someone who loves connected devices, I love the concept of smart watches and what the future will bring. What I don’t much care about are the current implementations including the much ballyhooed Samsung Galaxy Gear. Here are my mostly non-tech reasons.

All aboard for ebooks: Publisher brings free titles to trains

RCS Libri, the second largest book publisher in Italy, has partnered with Italian train company NTV to make ebooks available for free to passengers. The ebooks can be read through devices installed on the trains, or on personal laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Publishers brace for authors to reclaim book rights in 2013

A copyright law that lets authors break contracts after 35 years will start taking effect in January. The law, which is meant to give authors like Stephen King and Judy Blume a “second bite at the apple,” could provide yet another disruption for traditional publishers.

Routehappy looks to compile most flight travel data ever

Routehappy is attempting to do something that no other flight search aggregator does: assign an experience score to every single flight and every aircraft and airline in one place. Even if you’re an airline in Burma without a website.

The downside of Upstart: mentors come at a price

VC-backed Upstart aims to help smart college graduates fund the startups of their dreams in return for a slice of their future earnings. So what’s so wrong with that? Plenty, according to Daniel Abadi, chief scientist of Hadapt and associate professor at Yale.

Lance Armstrong shows why the disruption in journalism matters

Journalists like Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward have questioned whether social media or the web have anything to contribute to journalism, but the case of Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong shows alternative sources like blogs and Twitter can play a powerful role in breaking news.

NSA poobah denies massive spying on U.S. citizens

The National Security Agency director Keith Alexander denied that the intelligence agency keeps massive dossiers on all U.S. citizens, a contention made recently by three former NSA hands and his denial sparked yet another spat in this ongoing controversy.

Metamaterials and how to make something invisible

If you combine nanomaterials, lightwaves, and a supercomputer it’s possible to make a 18-centimeter tube invisible … to a microwave. This falls far short of the human hope of making an invisibility cloak, but this video explains how it works and why it’s so cool.

Remembering a cleantech champion

Working with David Anthony wasn’t always easy, but it was always inspiring. His tone, his cadence, and these pregnant pauses he always took when he spoke were more suggestive of a Zen Buddhist than your typical type-A venture capitalist. His patience was one his defining characteristics.

IBM dives into converged hardware with PureSystems

Whatever you do, don’t compare IBM’s new PureSystems to Oracle Exadata or Cisco’s Unified Compute System. The company said it’s spent three years and $2 billion to get these systems just right for cloud computing and other workloads.

The top cloud VCs: 7 stars + 5 up and comers

Infrastructure is the underpinning of the web, and as the cloud continues to attract VC funding and more infrastructure pros join the investment community, it’s worth knowing which people and which firms are the best prepared to understand your deal. Our list should help.

Can Drifter turn a crowd-funded pilot into a television deal?

The word that describes the in-development independent series Drifter, on pretty much every level, is ambitious — ambitious in scope and ambitious in approach. Set to begin production in mid-July, the sci-fi/comedy/drama project is crowdfunding its pilot online — but setting its sights on television.

Amazon launches Spanish-language Kindle store

Hoping to tap into a new U.S. audience whose first language is Spanish, Amazon today launched “eBooks Kindle en Español,” which carries 30,000 e-books in Spanish and offers Spanish-language customer support.

Turner launches an accelerator for media-focused startups

Turner Broadcasting might not exactly be known for innovation. But it’s looking to change that, with the launch of a new accelerator program called Media Camp, which hopes to seek out and help early-stage startups focused on solving problems for media companies.

Joe Paterno’s death and the reality of news as a process

There’s been a lot of journalistic finger-wagging over a student website that filed an erroneous report on the weekend saying Penn State coach Joe Paterno had died. But that student site behaved better than some other traditional news sources, both before and after the report.

Do authors have to be social? No, but it helps

While some authors continue to remain aloof from their audience, others are discovering the benefits of connecting with readers via Twitter and other tools. And in a world where publishers are becoming less relevant every day, being comfortable with those tools seems like a wise strategy.

Servicemesh nets $15 million for enterprise software push

Servicemesh snagged $15 million in initial venture funding from Ignition Partners and Ignition’s Frank Artale will join the board. Four-year-old Servicemesh focuses on helping large companies make sure their cloud service deployments meet governance and compliance policies.

Groupon Getaways aren’t the deal they seem to be

Groupon has made its business off selling deals that sound too good to be true: restaurant meals for half off, dirt-cheap massages and manicures, trips to the dentist for 75 percent off the regular price. This has been a boon to consumers, especially during difficult economic times.

New research breakthrough will boost optical networks

A research team at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has come up with a new optical amplifier that can help boost the efficiency of backhaul optical networks, a move that could have a big impact on the overall economics of bandwidth.

Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral By Mocking All Viral Videos

Jennifer Aniston manages to cram a dozen or so popular Internet video memes into her latest ad for Smartwater, including dancing babies, a kick in the groin, lip synching and the inevitable sex tape. The clip has clocked more than 2.5 million views in two days.

Bowing to Pressure, YouTube Takes Down Jihadi Videos

YouTube has taken down videos that include calls to jihad by Yemeni-based cleric Anwar al-Awlaki after receiving pressure from U.S. and U.K. officials. The removal of the videos falls under YouTube’s terms of service, which prohibit hate speech and incitement to commit violent acts.

Andreessen Horowitz Doubles Down, Raises $650 Million Fund

Andreessen Horowitz announced today that it raised $650 million for a second fund, more than doubling the $300 million fund it established 16 months ago. The new fund will continue to focus solely on computer science and will be stage agnostic.

Ask A Ninja‘s Back on a Daily Schedule

Regular production on the classic web series Ask a Ninja, created by Kent Nichols and Doug Sarine, dropped off about ten months ago. But this week, the show returned with daily updates, special guest stars and a new creative partner in web series creator Brett Register.

Should Facebook Buy Skype?

Facebook wants to mesh communications and community together, which explains why Facebook Phone is in the cards. If Skype wants to become the communication console of tomorrow, it needs to embrace newer forms of communication. It’s logical for Facebook and Twitter to come together.

Flirtomatic Attracts $9 Million

Online flirting service Flirtomatic has raised $9 million in a third round of funding, which it will use to redo its mobile apps and continu…

Harbinger Hires Orange Exec to Run Proposed LTE Network: Report

Harbinger Capital partners has reportedly hired Sanjiv Ahuja, the former chief executive of Orange, the wireless unit of France Telecom, to run its planned Long Term Evolution wireless network. The private equity firm wants to construct a next-generation wireless network using both satellite and terrestrial components.

Comcast's Queen of Convergence Speaks

Comcast is embracing convergence as it recognizes the threat of over-the-top video and seeks to create a communications and entertainment package to keep customers paying for the bundle. I spoke with Comcast’s queen of convergence to learn more.

Have You Seen Prof & Net Researcher Phil Agre?

Where in the world is Phil Agre? Agre’s sister reportedly filed a missing persons report on the noted information studies professor and Internet researcher that was dated Oct. 28th. But there has been no word on Agre’s whereabouts.

FanFeedr Aims to Hit a Home Run With Comments

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Product Rater RateItAll Gets First Round

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