Why are bad email habits so hard to break?

When it comes to mobile mail, today is one of the best times in recent memory to find a better solution. But changing email habits, even when they’re bad, turned out to be tougher than I expected.

Google’s big push to make better iOS apps than Apple

By creating a bevy of new iOS apps, what Google has been up to is becoming more obvious. It’s made it its mission to not just compete with Apple with the Android platform and Nexus mobile devices, but battle Apple on its own platform.

Gmail for iOS gains Notification Center and more

Gmail users on iOS have an early gift prior to this week’s Google developer event: The Gmail on iOS app was updated on Monday with Notification Center support and more, suggesting that Google wants users to access its services everywhere on all sorts of mobile devices.

How cloud-based Gmail is energy efficient

Cloud-based Gmail is a more energy efficient option compared to companies’ locally-hosted email solutions, according to Google. That’s largely due to the inherent efficiencies of the cloud, and also Google’s own brand of energy efficient servers and data centers.

Finally! Use Multiple Google Accounts in One Browser

As Google has infiltrated many of our online activities — mail, calendaring, search history, blogging and even YouTube viewing — it asks us to use a single Google account. But finally, the company is on the verge of allowing users to use multiple accounts within the same browser.

How-To: Fake a Unified Email Inbox on the iPhone

Many people have been asking for a unified email inbox on their iPhone, rather than having to switch between accounts. While there isn’t an official Apple (s aapl) way to do this, you can fake it yourself using Gmail and its ability to check email from other accounts.

Gmail Pop-Out Windows Get Super Fast (Unless You Run IE)

Google continues to bring web apps closer to par with third-party software. The latest Gmail enhancement speeds up pop-out windows for mail and chat sessions. Gone is the slow load time for these windows, unless you run Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Is it a standards issue?

Google Buzz — Right Idea, But Wrong Contacts For Me

Google hasn’t been a big factor in the social networking space but put all of the puzzle pieces together today. Google Buzz is the newest Gmail add-in that also supports iPhone and Android browsers. It works, but not with the friends I want it to.

Gmail to Get Social News Feed: Report

Google reportedly plans to add a stream of recent status messages and media from users’ contacts to Gmail. It’s a good idea, following Google’s stated goal of combining social features across its products, but one that will have to be executed well.

Is Hotmail Yesterday's Baby at Microsoft? No Way

Hotmail, known as Windows Live Hotmail these days, has a long history as a free, web-based email service. Many people have abandoned Hotmail for Gmail and Yahoo Mail, but it’s still more of a focal point at Microsoft than you may think.

How to Commission Credibility

Today I attended a new conference for entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley called She’s Geeky. The organizers, a group of founders, prefer to…