Now On Netflix: Glee & Sons of Anarchy

Good news for TV musical fans: Netflix is expanding its on-demand streaming service to include the first season of Glee, in addition to shows like Sons of Anarchy, Ally McBeal and The Wonder Years from 20th Century Fox.

The Social Innovation of Glee!

The celebrity tweet: good or bad? For the wildly popular television show Glee! it’s been a great success, though Fox VP of Innovation Hardie Tankersley admits that companies need to tread carefully in the Twitterverse.

Emmy Nominations Say ‘Meh’ To the Internet

So it appears that Primetime Emmy voters are not cord-cutters — of the six shows nominated for Best Drama this morning, only two streamed online last year. The awards appear focused on the mainstream this year, but there are some bright spots in today’s nominations.

Glee Launches New Video Player for Superfans

The new Glee Superfan player incorporates a number of social features that aren’t included in the normal Fox video player, including the ability to check out character bio pages, connect to your Facebook and Twitter profiles and view a stream of Twitter chat about the show.