Netflix wants open-source developers, cloud alternatives

Want to hear about the latest and greatest in Netflix’s home-grown technology? The company will host an open-source open house for developers on February 6. The goal is to recruit top-flight developers and to encourage construction of alternatives to Amazon Web Services.

Can Bitbucket prevail in a Github-obsessed world?

Github is the code repository and versioning system of choice for millions of developers, especially in the open-source world. But Atlassian is banking that its newly updated Bitbucket and Stash, can entice corporate develoeprs.

Do real programmers ‘like’ Facebook?

Programmers like to visit Facebook, but they don’t want to live and work there, according to an informal poll posted to Hacker News. Respondents said they’re more likely to turn to Github, Twitter or Google+ to keep abreast of what’s going on in their field.

Ray Ozzie’s not alone: Everyone loves Github

Welcome to the age of Github — an era when software development is as much about connecting snippets of existing code as it is about writing that code in the first place. Former Microsoft software chief Ray Ozzie gave Github a rousing endorsement recently.

GitHub Hosts Sold-Out CodeConf, First of Many

GitHub, the popular code repository, is bringing developers together for CodeConf today in San Francisco. GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath said that the event was designed to be collaborative, not unlike the site itself.

What Do Don Draper and GitHub Have In Common?

Wwe need to put more weight on one’s demonstrable capabilities than college degrees and “experience” in our resume, thanks to the emergence of Internet as a platform, we are entering a phase where these capabilities will be on full display for others to see.