Turning the lights back on

When Gigaom was purchased after shutting down in March, the new owner, Knowingly founder Byron Reese, did so with the intention of…

Seven things I think are worth reading this weekend

Here are some articles I came across this week that I think are worth your time, including an optimistic piece about the future of email, a profile of the real brains behind Bitcoin and a look at how advertising has ruined the internet

In internet time, two months = nearly eight years

My two-month contract gig at paidContent turned into eight years of covering the economics of digital media while we were living it. But after thousands of posts, many paidContent events, one funding round, and two sales, it’s time for me to pursue new challenges.

Confirmed: WordPress crosses 60 million blogs

Updated. WordPress now hosts more than 60 million blogs, CEO Matt Mullenweg confirmed Thursday. But according to him, this is just the beginning: WordPress’ developments on the social and mobile fronts are on track to drive even bigger growth in the months ahead.

GigaOM RoadMap, the final lineup and details

Tomorrow, on November 10, 2011 we host our inaugural GigaOM RoadMap conference in San Francisco. Hope you can join us. Either in person or if you can’t make it to the conference, then on our video live stream that will be broadcast for all to see.

Introducing GigaOM RoadMap, our newest event!

At GigaOM and GigaOM Pro, we provide our readers with information and insights that can guide their business decisions. GigaOM RoadMap will do that as a one-day conference, focusing on broader technology trends, how they impact businesses, and what opportunities they can create.

Erica Ogg and Colleen Taylor join GigaOM

We are thrilled to announce that Erica Ogg, from CNET News, is joining the GigaOM team in about a week to head up our Apple coverage. And while we’re at it, let’s officially welcome Colleen Taylor, who joined GigaOM in April.

Reed Elsevier Leads $6M Investment in GigaOM

Reed Elsevier Ventures, the London-based venture arm of Reed Elsevier, one of the largest publishing companies, is leading a $6 million investment in the parent company behind GigaOM. The new capital will be used to accelerate our research business and expand our geographical footprint.

The Only Constant on the Web Is Change

As a final part of our site rebranding, GigaOM’s mobile channel is now named Mobilize, in conjunction with our event of the same name. The fourth-annual Mobilize event this fall is expanding to two days, reflecting the growth of the mobile industry.

Free GigaOM Pro Webinar: The Simple Enterprise

Rapid innovation in the consumer and mobile space has led the way for many technologies — from mobile devices to self-serve cloud-based software and services — that are now considered indispensable by many of today’s information workers. Join GigaOM Pro for a free webinar that examines this shift.

Meet BrightScope: The Morningstar of 401(k) Plans

In this video interview the Alfred brothers — Mike and Ryan — co-founders of San Diego-based Brightscope tell the story of their startup which is becoming the Morningstar of the 401K plan. They share how they took raw government data and turned it into actionable information.

Where to Watch Mobilize 2010 Online

Today’s Mobilize 2010 conference, organized by GigaOM, is taking a look at the future of the mobile web. Speakers include Nicholas Negroponte, Mike Kuniavsky and Ken Denman. No ticket? No worries. Each and every session, keynote and red carpet interview and panel will be streamed live.

Live Event: The Completely Open Source Enterprise

This morning, join us for a live, town hall-style forum to consider the question: When will IT applications and infrastructure based on open source realistically form the complete IT delivery chain? We’ll be live streaming the discussion to subscribers at GigaOM Pro beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Join Us As We Discuss the Future of Publishing

We thought it would be interesting to bring the technology and publishing worlds together to talk about the impact of e-books on publishing. We’ve invited some of the leading voices in e-books and publishing to our next bunker event entitled, “Author to Audience: Disintermediation in Publishing.”

For GigaOM, a Fresh Coat of Paint

Have you notice some changes around here and are wondering why? Let’s blame it on Apple and the iPhone. Just kidding! The fact is, many of the design-related changes you see have been inspired by our mobile app and the changing industry landscape.

jkOnTheRun Gets Better, Easier to Use!

A primary goal for the GigaOM family is to provide the best experience for visitors, and that means keeping the sites performing as well as possible. We have rolled out site changes to make things better, and easier to find. It happens to look nice, too.

GigaOM: Four Years & Counting

We are four years old today. In the four years since we launched our company, the world of technology and media has changed. Thankfully the simple premise we started with — the world will always be looking for context — hasn’t really changed.

Announcing the GigaOM App for the iPhone & iPod touch

Finally, the big day has arrived. Apple has approved the GigaOM iPhone app — it’s now available via the iTunes store for download. One brand, one app…download it now from the iTunes store. It works both on the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Searching for the Location Gold Mine

On Wednesday, April 28, a select group of about 75 entrepreneurs, investors and technologists will gather at the GigaOM offices for our 11th GigaOM Bunker Session to debate how we will monetize location and augmented reality services.

Weekend Video: Fake Steve Jobs Has No Love for the iPad

At Apple’s iPad release event, I met Dan Lyons, technology writer for Newsweek. He is also known as the man who writes as Fake Steve Jobs. We were discussing the iPad with me being obviously impressed and him not so much. Here, watch this video.

Meet GigaLogue, Roll Your Own NewsFeeds

A few days ago, I wrote about blogs needing to be more social and embracing new personal web services and acting as hubs for our increasingly digital lives. This week, we’re launching a WordPress template and plug-in set called GigaLogue, which can help turn your blog into a newsfeed and enable users to instantly create groups or communities around a variety of different content sources.

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