Dolphin browser for Android gains cloud sync

One of the most popular third-party web browsers for Android devices, Dolphin, gained support for cloud-based synchronization on Wednesday. The updated software syncs browsing preferences, bookmarks and even on-screen gestures over the web to other Android devices running Dolphin and the Webzine feature shows improved controls.

The carriers’ voice gravy train is over

Voice is in the process of transitioning from providing the bulk of phone companies’ profits to becoming just another part of a data service that can be provided by web players, explained execs from voice-focused startups at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco on Monday.

Why Opera Isn’t Worried About GetJar’s Ban

Opera Software isn’t sweating the recent ban of its browser in the GetJar app store, because the effort is just one part of a larger plan by Opera to become a major distribution point for native and web apps around the world.

GetJar Snags $25 Million As It Looks to Ride Android Growth

Independent mobile app store GetJar announced it has grabbed $25 million in funding as it looks to become the premier open Android market. The funding highlights the excitement around app stores, which are looking to capitalize on estimated $15 billion in app revenue this year.

Appitalism: Another App Store Pans for Gold (and Trust)

Appitalism is the latest entry in the multiple-platform, web-based mobile application storefront, offering virtual currency for purchases and app recommendations based on a user community. With an expected $29.4 billion spent on mobile apps by 2013, independent app stores keep panning for gold. But should they?

Mobilize 2010: Native Mobile Apps Will Be With Us For Some Time

In a death match between native and mobile web apps, which one walks away the victor? That was the heavily paraphrased question posed at the Mobilize conference today and while a panel of experts did its best to weigh in, the less sensational answer is that there’s room for both.

With AppStores Hot, PocketGear Gets a $15 M Investment

PocketGear has raised $15 million in Series B funding, giving the “world’s largest open app store and content marketplace” more capital for expansion. In this age of platform-specific stores, the company may need it as consumers get locked in to apps for their specific devices.

App Store Not Named iTunes Heads To a Billion Downloads

GetJar, a San Mateo, Calif.-based company, today announced it is delivering over 3 million downloads a day to more than 2,000 different phone models. Thanks to the wide range of supported devices, developers can use GetJar to target their software for specific models and geographic regions.

Mobile Apps Are Hot, But Don't Forget Emerging Markets

Much of the hype in the mobile application space has come to be dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android operating system. Emerging markets will play a huge role as the worldwide market matures, though, and developers and app vendors should be paying close attention.