A quiet breakthrough in geothermal power tech

A startup backed by Google, Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins and Paul Allen’s investment firm, called AltaRock Energy has delivered an important breakthrough for the next-generation of geothermal technology at a site in Bend, Oregon.

DOE gives a leg up to geothermal power

The U.S. government is throwing its weight behind geothermal power this week, announcing a $350 million loan guarantee to fund a geothermal power project in Nevada, and $70 million in support for technologies that speed up geothermal energy generation across the country.

AltaRock Takes Another Crack at Geothermal Drilling

Remember AltaRock Energy? The geothermal startup, which suffered a setback last year when it canceled a demonstration project in California, is back with a project in Oregon that will be crucial for showing that its novel approach to engineering a geothermal field can work.

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