ESRI buys location services provider Geoloqi

Geoloqi, a small Portland, OR startup that made it easy for mobile developers to add background location tracking and geo-fencing to their apps, has sold to ESRI, a longtime provider of mapping and planning tools for governments, companies and educational institutions.

How better location data could mean more-targeted mobile ads

Targeting consumers with relevant ads on their mobile devices is still an inexact science, but new data sources should make the process much more accurate. Knowing precisely where users shop and whether ads influenced their purchases could help everyone get what they expect from mobile ads.

Skyhook offers devs battery-friendly persistent location

Location data provider Skyhook has an update to its mobile SDK for Android that will provide persistant background location tracking with no or negligible impact on battery life. That could be a big help for location-based apps that have suffered because of battery constraints.

Location Labs Builds Toward IPO With Location Antivirus Utility

There’s a lot of opportunity to be had in building more “boring” security utilities that leverage location. Few companies are doing more in this space than Location Labs, which CEO Tasso Roumeliotis said is on track to be the first big location-based service IPO.

Apple Responds: We Are Not Tracking Your iPhone

Apple answered questions about location information and storage on the iPhone in a press release issued early Wednesday morning. The official statement follows last week’s revelation at a location services conference that Apple’s iOS 4 included an unencrypted location tracking log file. Here’s Apple’s full statement.

For Location, Samsung Hooks Up With Skyhook

Samsung Electronics, world’s second largest mobile phone maker as a customer says it will use Skyhook Wireless’s geo-local services and build them into its smartphones starting with Samsung Wave. Skyhook now counts Apple, Dell, Motorola and Samsung as its device customers along with startups like Foursquare.

The Enormous Promise of Location

Location, one of the hottest segments in mobile, is a key component not just in navigation apps but also social offerings such as Foursquare, Google Buzz and even Twitter. There’s plenty of opportunity in mobile location. And there will be for quite some time.

With the iPhone, Geodelic Finds Dollars & Seoul

Geodelic, a developer of location-based applications, has launched an iPhone application and signed a major deal with Korea Telecom to provide a special Seoul version of its app. The company is riding the geolocation wave. It eventually wants to open its publishing system to consumers.

What Really Happened When Sprint Fed Customer Data to Cops?

Nothing gets buzz flowing like a security scare. A tape recording suggesting that Sprint provided law enforcement agencies with customer location data over 8 million times in one year has been made public. This is a sticky issue, but Sprint Nextel has a rebuttal.