General Motors

Here come the natural gas trucks

Spurred by recent support from the U.S. government and rock-bottom natural gas prices, the big auto makers appear to be getting on board with natural gas-powered vehicles.

The green guide to CES 2012

Every year, we try to dig into some of the innovations around energy, batteries, energy-efficient homes and the smart grid at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, and deliver this green guide for your reading pleasure.

The cloud: now for connecting electric cars

The car, and in particular the electric car, is the latest device to get plugged in to the cloud. Coulomb Technologies, which makes networked electric-vehicle charging stations, plans to start selling cloud-based services for managing electric-vehicle charging.

Calisolar snags $275M loan guarantee for solar silicon factory

Calisolar has become the fourth solar manufacturer to receive a federal loan guarantee offer. The company, which turns lower-grade silicon into purer version for making solar cells, is set to use the $275 million loan guarantee to help build a factory in Ohio, the U.S. Department of Energy said Thursday.

AT&T Buys 101 Natural-Gas-Powered Chevy Vans

AT&T committed two years ago to make one of the largest purchases of compressed natural gas vehicles in the U.S. to date. On Friday, the telco released more details on how it will reach that goal: buying 101 Chevrolet Express Cargo 2500 natural-gas-powered vans.

NRG, ConocoPhillips Dive Into VC World with $300M Fund

Corporate investors will play an increasingly important role in the energy technology world and perhaps even outshine the traditional VC firms. The latest evidence: NRG Energy, Conoco Phillips and GE have created a $300 million greentech fund.

Oil to the Rescue: Valero Backs Mascoma

For next-generation biofuels to make any type of dent in the fossil fuel industry, oil companies will have to get on board, and here comes one to the rescue for the struggling cellulosic ethanol sector. Oil giant Valero is backing cellulosic ethanol startup Mascoma.

Greentech VC: Yep, Waaay Down Q3

More third quarter greentech venture financing numbers are out this morning, and yep, they’re still bad. According to Ernst & Young, greentech VC investments in the third quarter of 2010 were down 55 percent below Q3 2009. That’s one of the highest reported drops I’ve seen.

AAA for the Electric Vehicle Crowd

Here come the range-anxiety-based businesses. This morning Swiss company Nation-E says it has created the world’s first mobile charging system, which can be called on to quickly charge up a stranded electric car on the side of the road.

Car Data As the Next Platform for Innovation

A vehicle data platform has finally emerged, and entrepreneurs, automakers and DIY-ers are increasingly tapping into it and using it to develop innovative applications around transportation that will make driving more efficient.

The First Investment from GM's VC Arm: Bright Automotive

The recently launched VC arm of GM has made its first official investment: plug-in vehicle startup Bright Automotive. Bright is a spinoff from the not-for-profit think tank the Rocky Mountain Institute, and has been developing a plug-in hybrid called the IDEA that will target commercial fleets.

GM OnStar Mobile App Moves Beyond the Volt

General Motors plans to roll out its OnStar smartphone app for vehicles in its 2011 Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC lineups, the automaker said today. GM has positioned the plug-in Chevy Volt as a “halo car” for showcasing this tech.

Quantum's Leap of Faith With Fisker and Uncle Sam

For Quantum Fuel Systems, the road to electric car riches will be paved by deals with Fisker and government funds. That’s the hope of the company whose powertrain and software control systems lie at the core of Fisker’s upcoming plug-in hybrid Karma.


Why Google Android’s Electric Vehicle Deal With GM Matters

General Motors moved this week to link its upcoming Chevrolet Volt and in-vehicle communications system, OnStar, with Google navigation tools and smartphones based on the search giant’s Android platform. This marks a key intersection in the trajectories of automakers and Internet giants and could pave the way to much more comprehensive partnerships across previously disconnected industries and systems.

GM Eyes Hawaii to Get Hydrogen Into Fuel Tanks

General Motors and The Gas Company, a natural gas and propane provider in Hawaii, plan to work together on a project testing a new scheme for delivering hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles, the two companies announced on Tuesday.


How to Build Better Apps for Electric Vehicles

The competition for shares of the fast-growing smartphone app market — “a central battlefront in the global technology industry,” as the research firm iSuppli put it recently — has spread to the automotive market. With the upcoming launch of a new generation of plug-in vehicles, the stakes and opportunity for app developers serving the automotive market — via mobile devices or vehicle intelligence systems — could grow significantly.

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