General Electric

GE needs the data analytics minds of the Valley (and knows it)

To stay relevant and to continue GE’s move beyond hardware into software, GE is looking to make relationships, investments and even acquisitions of Valley software analytics startups. The conglomerate is holding a splashy event, and launched a competition, in San Francisco to get that point across.

GE acquires LED startup Albeo

GE’s lighting division has acquired an LED startup based in Boulder, Colorado: Albeo. The move shows how LED technology is dropping in price and improving in performance — at least for the commercial and industrial sectors.

An LED light bulb for under $15

An LED light bulb that can fit into a standard socket, will cost less than $15, and will last 8 years — that’s what Lighting Science Group and Dixon Technologies India are promising for the Indian market this year and global markets next year.

RidgeBlaster: Rooftop Wind Turbine Idea

There’s a lot of reasons why most homes in America do not have their own wind turbines: high costs, permitting, and aesthetics. But there’s a wave of entrepreneurs trying to change that, including James Post, who developed the SmartWind RidgeBlaster and submitted it to GE’s challenge.

Soladigm Closes $40M for Its First Smart Window Factory

Tinted windows on demand could be a promising way to cut energy, but the technology isn’t common. Soladigm hopes to change that and has just lined up an additional $10 million in equity financing to bring a C round to a total $40 million.

GE Buys Tall Wind Turbine Tech

GE, one of the leading suppliers of wind turbines in the world, has acquired a company that makes tall wind turbine technology: Wind Tower Systems. The companies announced the deal on Friday, but didn’t disclose the financial terms.

Southwest Glides Down Path To Fuel Savings

Southwest Airlines is rolling out new fuel-efficient flight-path technology that could save the company up to $60 million a year — and help the global airline industry shave its carbon footprint as well.

GE’s Dual Battery Electric Bus

GE is showing off an electric bus with a dual-battery system that combines a lithium ion battery and a sodium metal halide battery, and which GE says is 20 percent less expensive than a comparable one battery system for an electric bus.

GE To Make Largest Electric Vehicle Purchase Ever

GE plans to buy 25,000 electric vehicles, which would be the largest single purchase of electric vehicles to date. The move is an example of how corporations often times play a crucial role in being the early adopters of new green technology long before consumers.

Consert: The 3G Smart Home Startup

Consert uses Verizon’s 3G network to curb consumption of individual home’s HVAC systems, water heaters, and pool pumps and aggregates those savings — which they claim come to between 10 and 15 percent — to offer utilities the equivalent of a “virtual peaker plant.”

The GE Show Shows Off GE’s Environmental Commitment

If you’re a hardcore cleantech enthusiast, then you’re familiar with GE’s commitment to environmentally-friendly innovation. While the newest episode of The GE Show seems a little bit like an effort to show off that commitment, it does utilize a surprising amount of engaging interactivity.

GE Aviation Taps Naverus Tech for Low-Fuel Landings

Startups might not be able to convince the FAA to try out a new, fuel-saving way to guide planes to their landings at airports around the country, but what about GE?. On Thursday, AA flight 1916 used technology based on the work of startup Naverus.

GE Invests in Green Data Center Startup SynapSense

GE has poured $175 million into more than 20 greentech companies over the years, and this morning it’s made another investment. GE says it will invest part of a $5 million round into SynapSense, a startup that makes wireless sensor technology and software to reduce data center power and cooling.

GE Revamps Home Energy Strategy Around the Nucleus

GE has only really been experimenting with its home energy management tools over the past 2 to 3 years, and is finally launching an actual product, the Nucleus, that makes economic sense for GE in the very nascent commercial energy management marketplace.

Trilliant Raises a Whopping $106M

Smart grid startups have gotten more investment commitments this week than they have over the entire first quarter. On the heels of the $200 million smart grid pledge from GE and VCs, on Thursday smart grid firm Trilliant announced that it has raised $106 million.

Next-Gen Lights Inching Into Homes, Taking Over Government

Folks in commercial and public buildings will see the light by 2014 — next-gen light, that is, thanks to adoption of technologies including advanced fluorescent lamps, light emitting diodes (LEDs) and automated controls, according to a report out today from Lux Research.

GE Boosts Energy R&D to $10B Over 5 Years

GE says it will double its investment in greentech R&D — its Ecomagination line — to $10 billion over the next five years. That means that GE is one of the biggest sources of energy R&D in the U.S., rivaling U.S. VCs and the federal government.

Cheatsheet: The Metrics of the Bulb

Energy efficient LED light bulbs that can fit in a standard socket, last over a decade, and save users money, are starting to slowly trickle onto the market. But the rub: LED bulbs can cost $40-$50. Here’s a quick cheatsheet on the metrics of the bulb:

Consultant’s Dilemma — Firing Bad Clients

I must admit I rarely miss the consultant’s lifestyle I lived for so many years. Being one’s own boss has many rewards, but dealing with bad clients was too often not one of them. I learned to quickly recognize the worst clients and avoid them.

With NBC Deal, Comcast's Pipes Just Got Smarter

Comcast and GE said today they plan to merge Comcast’s entertainment properties with GE’s NBC Universal to create a joint venture valued at $37.25 billion — a smart move by Comcast as it seeks to control the future of television on the web.


Biggest Opportunities in the Smart Grid

In our second Research Roundtable webinar, held Oct. 7, 2009, Clint Wheelock, managing director for Pike Research, and Katie Fehrenbacher, editor of Earth2Tech, discussed some of the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the smart-grid sector today. Celeste LeCompte, editor of GigaOM Pro, moderated the discussion and posed questions from the audience.

IBM Splashes into Water Management

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50 Mbps for $40, but in France

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