What’s your existing iPhone worth?

The iPhone is definitely a hot commodity. There is no secret that the smartphone is in no small part responsible for Apple’s growing market cap, so we have a good idea what the iPhone is worth to Cupertino, but what is your iPhone worth to you?

iPhone trade-ins spike alongside iPhone 5 rumors

How desperate are owners to upgrade to iPhone 5? In the last two weeks there’s been an 85 percent rise in old iPhone trade-ins at, and the company is getting 2,500 old iPhones per week, compared to 100 per day in weeks before iPhone 4.

Second Rotation Raises $6M in Second-Round Funds

Second Rotation, a startup whose online service Gazelle offers a Netflix-style gadget buyback program, said today that it has raised $6 million in second round funds. Gazelle offers cold, hard cash for your old, janky gizmos by selling them on eBay.

SideShow eReader demoed

WinHEC was obviously a great event with all the cool things that I’ve seen coming out of the conference.  I didn’t see…