Has Nick Denton really reinvented comments?

When Gawker Media launched its new commenting system earlier this year, founder Nick Denton said that he wanted to reinvent the way readers and writers interact around a story and turn the discussion into the most important feature of a post. Has he succeeded?

Why the Guardian needs its American dream to come true

The Guardian’s latest attempt to become a serious player in the American market is gearing up, with the launch of a new homepage for US readers. But after many failed attempts, can it ever succeed – or could its American dream turn into a nightmare?

Shhh! Don’t Tell Google News You’re a Blog!

Google added some features to Google News, including the ability to choose to see less news from blogs. But how does the search giant define the term “blog?” There’s no easy answer to that, which reinforces why the distinction doesn’t really make any sense any more.

Vid-Biz: Anti-Comcast Coalition, Jackass 3.5, Gawker

Today on the Internet: Web companies including Google and Yahoo team up to protest the Comcast-NBCU merger, Paramount announces a digital-only follow-up to the latest successful Jackass installment, and the BBC is determined to count every view, including online and VOD.