Microsoft Azure afflicted again

Microsoft Azure is having troubles again, the company acknowledged Tuesday night. According to a status update, Azure’s Traffic Manager was experiencing “a multi-region partial performance degradation.”

Prepping the cloud for the internet of things

As billions more devices get connected to the internet, there will be a huge infrastructure transformation on the backend. Cloud computing will play a major role in how the world takes advantage of that device-driven data explosion.

News flash: company boards are starting to ‘get’ IT

Techies know how important information technology is to a company’s success. Now new research by Gartner and Forbes seems to indicate that corporate boards have gotten that message as well, with board members ranking IT improvement as highly as boosting sales.

Companies to spend $207 billion on cloud in 2016

The launch of Google and Microsoft public clouds is looking well timed, as the corporate demand for public cloud services is about to go through a steep growth curve, research group, Gartner forecasts. Like Amazon, Both companies have been lustfully eyeing corporate customers.

It’s cloud prediction time: IDC, Gartner (and I) weigh in

Analyst powerhouses IDC and Gartner both rolled out their latest cloud computing and big data predictions and statistics Thursday morning, and while some are bold, others should have you saying “Duh.” Here’s what they have to say, and how that squares with what I’m seeing.

Gartner Gets It Wrong With Cloud Quadrant

The Gartner Magic Quadrant has been called out for some serious wrongdoings, but by not including Amazon Web Services among the leaders in its Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Web Hosting, Gartner just flat got it wrong.

Broadband & Location Turning Mobile Into a $1T Business

Mobile voice and data revenues will create a trillion-dollar global market by 2014, as complementary products such as advertising, applications and web services are built, says research firm Gartner. Broadband has enabled mobility to this point, but location is the next big driver.

Mac Market Share Surges in U.S.

Both Gartner and IDC report the Mac is now accounting for a tenth of the PC market in the U.S., but these preliminary numbers will likely climb higher still when Apple reports actual Mac sales during its quarterly conference call next week.

Sept. 7: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

We came back from the holiday weekend to a lot of predictions about the future of infrastructure and cloud opportunities, including a prediction on data warehousing being the next hot trend in storage, the latest version of Gartner’s cloud hype cycle and how Hurd-gate will impact Oracle.