Garmin Looks to Location Tracker to Stay Relevant

With Garmin’s automotive navigation device sales stagnant and its Garminfone and Nuvifone business a disappointment, the company is looking to a GPS locator for people and property called the GTU 10 as a new business that can expand on its core competency in location.

How Free Changed the Navigation Game Forever

Free and bundled mobile navigation services are bringing once-pricey turn-by-turn services to the masses, and the masses are responding in a big way. That’s the upshot of a new study which found that the number of mobile users utilizing turn-by-turn navigation on their handset increased.

Garmin May Hang Up On Mobile-Phone Business

Garmin is prepared to leave the smartphone business if the company does not see some light at the end of the tunnel in the next couple of qu…

How the Nuvifones Can Survive As Niche Devices

When Garmin announced in the lead-up to the Mobile World Congress an ongoing deal with Asus to build its long-anticipated Nuvifone GPS phone line, you could practically hear the wincing. Within hours, the move was alternately being called an admission of failure (Garmin originally planned to build the phone itself) and a desperate ploy to ride the goodwill engendered by Asus’ EeePC netbook. Analysts projected that new phones with versatile GPS features would crush the Nuvi by the time the device was finally released. The naysayers are jumping the gun. A GPS-focused phone can be a viable device so long as it follows the golden rule of the mobile market: Do one thing really well.

Garmin Delays Launch Of Nuvifone Again

Personal navigation device company Garmin has delayed the launch of its smartphone for the second time, pushing the launch date into the fir…