How to create your own audiobooks

For authors who want to use their own home equipment to narrate an audio version of their own books, or if you want to record your kids reading their favorite stories for posterity, you can do it with a microphone, and iPad and GarageBand.

Hands on: Audiobus and GarageBand on iOS

Recently Apple made a somewhat unexpected move in adding Audiobus support to its GarageBand software. After testing it out, we walk you through how to integrate GarageBand, Audiobus and Audiobus-supported apps.

GarageBand comes to the iPhone and iPod touch

Apple has introduced an update for the iOS version of GarageBand that makes it compatible with iPhones and iPod touches. The universal app is available as a free update for owners of the iPad version, or it’s $4.99 if you’re buying it for the first time.

Can GarageBand for iPad Make You a Rock Star?

With its Smart Instruments, it seemed like GarageBand might be able to bring out the latent musical talent in even the most unmusical of users. GarageBand is live in the App Store now, so I decided to see if it could make good on its claims.