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Why I just dumped the iPad 3 (Hint: iPad mini!)

With only a few days of iPad mini use, I know it’s the right iPad for me. Sure, it lacks a Retina display, but the screen has a higher pixel density than the first few iPads. After two years of pining, this was worth the wait.

The Apple Roundup: Images of life as a gadget builder at Foxconn

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: rare photos from inside Foxconn, Apple’s forced public apology to Samsung, why Apple would buy Color, more stores coming to China, and a possible iPhone 5 keyboard software glitch.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs getting Android 4.0 in coming weeks

Starting in July, eight different Samsung Galaxy Tab models will see a software upgrade to Google Android 4.0; a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich. The Touch Wiz user interface is surely part of the upgrade, but might some software features from the Galaxy S III be included too?

Apple fails again to ban Samsung tablets

The ongoing saga between Apple and Samsung over the latter’s Galaxy 10.1 tablets took another twist this week as US District Judge Lucy Koh refused to grant a preliminary injunction banning the devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: Android 4.0 tab with old specs

What’s that wedding rhyme: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”? Samsung has taken it to heart with its Galaxy Tab 2. The 7-inch slate borrows the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus form-factor and display and adds Android 4.0, Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich software for tablets.

Apple loses appeal in Australian Galaxy Tab case

Friday was not a good day for Apple’s ongoing global legal efforts. In addition to the German ruling against it in a case with Motorola Mobility, the Australian High Court has also agreed with the Federal Court and overturned the ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Apple keeps Australian Galaxy Tab ban alive for another week

The temporary injunction in Australia against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was struck down on Wednesday, will remain in effect for one more week, according to a decision by the country’s High Court on Friday. The week-long delay could have considerable effect on Samsung’s holiday sales.

So I turned my Galaxy Tab into a Kindle Fire

Although I like the Kindle Fire, I purchased a 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab last year, and there’s just way too much overlap between the two devices. I decided to change that, by adding some of the Amazon Kindle Fire software and user experience to my Tab.

Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet? I bought the…

Both the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet start shipping after mid-week as fairly similar, low-cost options. You can’t go wrong with either 7-inch slate, but one is a better choice for me. Here’s which one I chose and why. Which interests you more?

Your Android device can now be a universal remote

Griffin and Dijit jointly announced Android software support for the Beacon remote on Tuesday, allowing any Android tablet or smartphone to become a universal remote control for home theater equipment via the Beacon Universal Remote Control System. The app is free, but the Beacon costs $69.99.

Samsung talks tough about future of Apple patent fight

Lee Younghee, the head of global marketing for mobile communications for the Korean firm, told the Associated Press in an interview on Friday that the company is switching its strategy for dealing with the patent suits and that the new plan is to be more “aggressive.”

VIDEO: First Look at the HTC Flyer Android Tablet

HTC’s Flyer recently landed in stores for $499. In this early look, you can see the hardware and the customized HTC Sense software, which is both good and bad. And in a video first, I actually test if the device fits in my back pants pocket.

MobileTechRoundup Podcast 230

Join Matt and Kevin live in the chat room as they share hands-on thoughts of the Dell Streak 7, Venue Pro and custom Android tablet ROMs. They’ll cover the mobile tech news of this week including the Atrix laptop dock, iPhone sales and upcoming 4G handsets.

How to Get Newspapers, Magazines on Your Android

Amazon’s Kindle hardware and software is great for reading books, but not so much when it comes to magazines and newspapers. By following this step-by-step method, you can have access to thousands of color magazines and newspapers on an Android device via Zinio and PressReader.

Samsung Tab Ships Big, But Apple’s iPad Sells

A week after launch, Samsung, maker of the Galaxy Tab, announced more than 600,000 units had been sold. In early December, that number climbed to more than a million, and in January reached two million. But is it really a threat to the iPad’s dominance?

MobileTechRoundup Podcast 229

Join Matt and Kevin live for this week’s mobile tech podcast where they’ll discuss Honeycomb and other Google Android tablet news like custom ROMs, review Nokia’s nosedive in smartphone market share and cover new gadgets in hand. Participate in the show via the live chat room!

Which Tablet Is Best? iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab

For the first time since its introduction, the iPad finally has a serious competitor in the market for that magical third device that’s more than a phone, but not quite a laptop or netbook: the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab. So how do the two compare?

Mind Mapping for Android With Thinking Space

I’ve long been a fan of mind mapping, especially on tablets, as the slate is the perfect workspace for creating and manipulating maps. My favorite app for mind mapping on mobile devices has been iThoughtsHD, but I now use Thinking Space on the Galaxy Tab.

MobileTechRoundup 225

Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover this week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the latest software, hardware and web services. If you missed the live show, you can grab an MP3 audio recording of the show.

Video: $5 Dock for Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a nice small tablet, and I often get asked if there is a dock/ stand for using the device at the desk. This video shows a simple stand that is commonly available for around $5 that serves the purpose nicely.

Android This Week: 1M Tabs; Droid Pro; Sony Reader

News ranged this week from impressive sales of the first Android tablet to an app for reading e-books. Samsung reported a million Galaxy Tabs have been sold, and upped its forecast for sales this year. Sony announced an Android app for handling Sony Reader e-book content.

Mobile Tech Manor #108: FDA Takes Over in the OR

Mobile Tech Manor is my home office where all sorts of gadgetry is always arriving. In this column, I look back at the week in the Manor and recount the happenings and lessons learned. I love sharing my weeks with you, so welcome to the Manor.

Hands-on: Lambskin Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is selling well according to reports, and some owners might find the Lambskin portfolio case by Samsung to be a fitting companion for their new tablet. The Samsung case is designed to fit the tablet without adding undue bulk to the package.

Mobile Tech Manor #107: Apps and Things

Mobile Tech Manor is my home office where all sorts of gadgetry is always arriving. In this column, I look back at the week in the Manor and recount the happenings and lessons learned. I love sharing my weeks with you, so welcome to the Manor.

Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad

Samsung has kick-started the Android tablet space with the Galaxy Tab, the first Android tablet considered to be a genuine competitor to the iPad, due to its hardware configuration and build quality. See how it stacks up against the larger iPad in this video.

First Impressions of Verizon Galaxy Tab

The folks at Verizon are excited about the first tablet handled by the carrier, and sent over the Samsung Galaxy Tab for me to give a spin. It’s only been here a few hours, but I can share my first impressions of the 7-inch Android tablet.

Here Come the Android Tablet Apps

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet considered to be a genuine competitor to the iPad, and developers are already releasing apps optimized for the 7-inch display. The Tab will soon be available on major U.S. phone carriers with integrated 3G connectivity.

Mobile Tech Manor #105: Galaxy Tab Thoughts

Mobile Tech Manor is my home office where all sorts of gadgetry is always arriving. In this column, I look back at the week in the Manor and recount the happenings and lessons learned. I love sharing my weeks with you, so welcome to the Manor

Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to T-Mobile Nov. 10

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is poised to hit all of the major carriers in the U. S., and today we learned T-Mobile will have it first on Nov. 10. The carrier states the Tab will be available as low as $399.99 with a qualifying 2-year plan.

At $600, Is Verizon’s Android Tablet DOA? Maybe Not.

Verizon Wireless will begin selling Samsung’s Galaxy S tablet for $600 next month. Many are bemoaning the no-contract price for this Android 2.2 slate, but it does offer features that Apple’s iPad doesn’t yet. There’s a market for 7-inch tablets, no matter what Steve Jobs says.

With Media Hub, Samsung Introduces An iTunes Competitor

Samsung will soon be pushing its new Galaxy Tab as a competitor to Apple’s iPad, and rolling out its own video portal as a competitor to iTunes. The new Media Hub will make TV episodes and movies available on the tablet and Samsung Galaxy S handsets.