Galaxy S II

T-Mobile first in U.S. pushing Android 4.0 to Galaxy S II

The second U.S. operator to launch Samsung’s Galaxy S II last year appears to be the first to upgrade the smartphone to Android 4.0. T-Mobile tweeted the news, saying the software update for the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android will be available on June 11.

Poll: Samsung Galaxy S II ad; offensive or fair play?

Have you seen the latest Samsung Galaxy S II ad that pokes fun at iPhone buyers? It’s controversial for sure, but in some ways, Apple, too, has set a condescending tone for non-iPhone owners in its own ads. Check out the video and cast your vote.

Video look at AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II

AT&T will make the Samsung Galaxy S II available Sunday, October 2 for $199 after contract, but there’s no need to wait until then to see it. I’ve used a review unit of this Google Android smartphone for several days and have a brief video overview.

AT&T launching the Samsung Galaxy S II Oct. 2 for $199

The fastest selling Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S II, arrives on AT&T’s network October 2 for $199 after contract. That’s right before an expected introduction of Apple’s newest iPhone. Which super smartphone will AT&T customers choose: the best Android phone or Apple’s latest and greatest?

Samsung Stratosphere: Verizon’s next LTE phone?

Verizon subscribers may have their first handset with both LTE and a slide-out keyboard to choose from this week. The Samsung Stratosphere appears to be a mid- to high-end device with some similarities to the Galaxy S II that Verizon chose not to offer its customers.

Samsung’s Galaxy S II debuts stateside for iPhone rumble

Samsung finally welcomed its Galaxy S II to the U.S., unveiling three separate models for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile that will do battle with Apple’s iPhone. The smartphones should continue the momentum for Samsung, which sold 5 million Galaxy S II’s in the first 85 days.

Step aside Android; Samsung debuts Bada 2.0 handsets

Samsung has used Google Android to propel it to the no. 2 smartphone sales spot, but there’s definitely a plan B, as in Bada. The company debuted a trio of Bada 2.0 smartphones that offer many Android features, which could boost sales for Samsung’s proprietary platform.

It’s time Samsung expanded the Galaxy smartphone line

Samsung today announced four new handset classes in the Galaxy line. The strategy is a departure for Samsung, which relied on a single model to boost sales over the prior two years. There’s a good reason for the change as Samsung fights for the smartphone crown.

Can a Galaxy S II with keyboard steal iPhone sales?

AT&T’s network accounts for 17 percent of all iPhones sold last quarter, which is a big number. But some consumers won’t consider the iPhone due to the lack of a hardware keyboard. Samsung’s Galaxy S II could steal sales with its keyboard and peppy performance.

Samsung Galaxy S II, the 2011 Flagship, Lands May 1

Samsung’s successful strategy of designing one solid smartphone paid off for the Galaxy S, which sold 10 million units last year. Now, the Galaxy S II is due to arrive in the U.K. on May 1 and it’s loaded with everything a handset needs in 2011.