Galaxy Nexus

The LG G Flex has a “real” curved screen. So what?

Companies are racing to create curved smartphones as LG’s G Flex was announced over the weekend. It’s the first “real” curved smartphone, says LG; a clear shot at Samsung. Is this helping end users or is it really a thumb-wrestling match between the two?

Here’s the secret success sauce in Ubuntu’s phone platform

One of the most popular Linux distributions will arrive on smartphones this year: Canonical is bringing Ubuntu to the small screen. But this isn’t a special version of Ubuntu; it’s the actual desktop software platform with touch-friendly mobile interface that could be a disruptor.

Android this week: So I bought a Galaxy Note 2…

So I broke down and ordered a Galaxy Note 2 from overseas. Why spend the money when I have a Galaxy Nexus phone and Nexus 7 tablet? A video demo shows how Samsung is further bridging the mobile and traditional computing space and I bought in.

Android 4.1 landing on the Galaxy Nexus first (and soon)

Next week is Google’s I/O developer conference, but it appears that news is leaking this week. Anyone purchasing a GSM Galaxy Nexus on the Google Play site will see the following message at the time of checkout: “[S]oon the first phone with Android 4.1, Jell….”

Wallee magnetic mount for iPhone, Nexus looks to Kickstarter

Wallee already sells a nice iPad case, but the Australian-based company is looking to expand its product line with a magnetic mount and case accessory for Apple’s iPhone 4/4S and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphones. The system is modular and offers a car mount and pivot stand.

Sprint Galaxy Nexus LTE tipped to launch April 15

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus is a Verizon Wireless exclusive in the U.S. but Sprint customers may be able to get the device next month. Although Sprint’s 4G LTE network isn’t available yet, the phone will keep the LTE radio for future activation and likely support Google Wallet.

Time to flash a Galaxy Nexus custom ROM. Here’s why.

After using the stock Google Android software on my Galaxy Nexus for two months, I’m getting antsy. The new Chrome beta for Android is a super browser and Google Wallet is great too. But now It’s time for a custom ROM to reinvigorate the Nexus experience!

Apple denied Galaxy Tab 10.1N ban in Germany

Apple has failed to secure a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet and Galaxy Nexus smartphone in Germany, thanks to a ruling by the Munich Regional Court Wednesday. That should help take the sting out of the appeal it lost on Tuesday.

Video: Android touch lag (and a possible solution)

Android devices have long been known for their laggy touch experience. Has this changed with the latest Android flagship? Not quite. Here’s a video that uses a developer option to show the lag, as well as new technology that could minimize it in the future.

Galaxy Nexus and Google Wallet: My first NFC purchase

Since my Galaxy Nexus smartphone has an NFC, or near-field communication, chip, I decided to give Google Wallet a try for a wireless purchase. I purchased gas — not the safest thing do to with a smartphone — and was impressed by the simplicity and security.

MobileTechRoundup podcast episode 249

Join Matt and Kevin for this week’s mobile tech podcast featuring thoughts on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0: is now the time to upgrade to a new Android phone? Matt’s also preparing for next week’s Nokia World. Here’s what you should expect from it.