Two become one: how magazines will ape their apps

In a reversal of today’s content publishing model, print magazines pretty soon could start looking a lot like their app equivalents. The drawback to this custom production? It’s expensive.

Apple is Shaping Our Future

Something sort of hit me in the head while reading the New York Times as Bob Marley played into my earphones: I have no visual or performance signs that a song is playing other than the music entering my head. It just works.

The Future of Apple’s Retina Display

Technology in high-end machines eventually trickles down to the low-end. These sort of hand me down improvements are normal, but what do these two principles tell us about what’s coming next? Does iPhone’s Retina Display give us a hint for the future of Apple’s product line?

The Future of Mac: Truckin’

Steve Jobs revealed at the D8 conference his vision of what the future of the Mac looks like: a Ford F250. Not in design, and maybe not in build quality, but in everyday utility.

Close But No Remote Disc

The Apple TV’s new found friends may have brought it up to par with several of its competitors, but does it compare…

The Apple Horizon

Can you foresee an Apple horizon, where one day the average Mac consumers out weigh a PC user? How long do you…