Diablo gets $28M to marry memory and the processor

Diablo Technologies is an Ottawa-based startup that has brought flash memory even closer to the processor — making applications run even faster. It has built chip technology as well as software and has raised $28 million to bring the technology to market.

Why Violin Memory is worth billions in an IPO

Violin Memory is a force to be reckoned with in the storage world. It’s not just the industry shift toward solid-state drives replacing slower, less-efficient hard disk drives that’s driving Violin’s value through the roof, though, it’s also the company’s very strategic set of investors.

Fusion-io competitor Virident closes $21M round

Virident, the PCIe solid state memory player that competes head to head with Fusion-io, scored $21 million in Series C funding including money from new investors Intel Capital and Cisco Systems, as well as contributions from Sequoia Capital and Artiman Ventures.

Scenes from VMworld Day 1 — from CEOs to superheroes

It was an eventful first day at VMworld, highlighted by Paul Maritz’s keynote to thousands of attendees and Fusion-io’s superhero-themed party featuring Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Here’s VMworld Day 1 as I experienced it outside the press room.

That was fast! Fusion-io launches IO Turbine product

Fusion-io, a newly public company that makes flash memory components for servers on Monday released the results of its acquisition of IO Turbine, a mere three weeks after it acquired the startup. The combination of the two companies has resulted in a product called ioCache.

Pure Storage brings hard disk pricing to Flash storage

Pure Storage, a startup offering enterprises a storage array comprised entirely of Flash memory, promises to change the economics around Flash memory and push hard drives out of the performance storage market. The company just announced $30 million in funding and detailed its product.

FlashSoft gets $3M and SSDs get more cachet

Combine virtualization, big data and solid state memory, and you get a trifecta of technology buzz words that a few startups are trying to combine to deliver faster speeds on top of virtualized infrastructure. Plus, as speed becomes crucial, are hard drives still relevant?

Fusion-io’s IPO went well; who wins?

Flash-storage component manufacturer Fusion-io is trading well above its initial public offering price, signaling that investors believe solid-state drives might actually live up to their promise to displace large quantities of spinning disks in enterprise data centers.

Fusion-io’s IPO spurs huge flash investments

It looks as if solid-state cache specialist Fusion-io’s IPO on Thursday has investors thinking big about the possibilities of flash storage in the enterprise. Flash array maker Violin Memory raised a $40 million round from strategic public-market investors, and a software company called VeloBit emerged from stealth.

LinkedIn Preps a Bigger IPO, But It’s No Facebook

LinkedIn is upping its expectations for its much-anticipated IPO, which it now believes can pull in as much as $274 million. The company this morning released the pricing for its IPO and is now prepared to offer 7.84 million shares at $32 to $35 each

Violin Memory CEO: Fusion-io IPO Just the Tip of Flash Iceberg

According to Violin Memory CEO Donald Basile, Fusion-io’s proposed IPO is just the start of what should be a very busy era for flash. Basile, whose previous job was as chairman and CEO of Fusion-io, sees an impending multi-billion-dollar market, spurred in part by Larry Ellison.