Nov. 24: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Heading into the long holiday weekend, the news today is all about what’s new:’s new chief scientist, Google’s new data centers, EMC’s new business and Fujitsu’s new versatile blade server.

Fujitsu T730 Tablet PC — Thin and Expensive

Convertible notebooks often cost a lot as the new Fujitsu T730 Tablet PC proves. This Tablet is as small as they get and still have a 12-inch screen. The starting price is $1,869, and that doesn’t get you the touch screen option.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300: Portable Duplex Scanner

The road warrior needing to keep a paperless mobile office just got some help from Fujitsu with the release of the ScanSnap S1300 portable scanner. It scans both sides of a color document for capture on both Windows and Mac computers.

Fujitsu T900 — Multitouch on a Tablet

Dual digitizer notebooks are getting more common since Windows 7 supports them natively. This new convertible notebook from Fujitsu packs a full Tablet PC with touch into a thin but sturdy form. As is common with Fujitsu notebooks, the T900 can be configured as desired.

Fujitsu UH900 UMPC Lands in U.S. With $849 Pricetag

If you thought UMPCs were extinct, Fujitsu urges you to reconsider. Their new UH900 is nearly pocketable, weighs about a pound and run Windows 7 Home Premium. Speaking of premiums, this isn’t a cheap little laptop at $849 after rebate.

The Return of the Optical Startup — Cyan Optics Launches

This big societal move to a more connected life is causing carriers to spend a lot of money upgrading (or building) new networks, even the smallest cable companies in the farthest corners of America. And for Mike Hatfield, that is great news. Today he announced that his 3-year-old company, Cyan Optics, has signed up nearly 20 carriers and has raised at least $27 million in three rounds of funding.

If It's Not PC, It's Not For Intel

[qi:109] Looks like the leading PC chip maker, Intel Corp., is continuing with cleaning house and getting rid of non-core, non-PC businesses.…

NewTeeVee Live: Hotel Update

Many of you have told us that you are having trouble finding hotel accommodations for NewTeeVee Live. Unfortunately, it is going to…

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