Fuel cell


Fuel cells in the data center

As data center operators hone in on power options that increase reliability and provide power cost predictability over decades-long time scales, fuel cells have advantages that will allow them to compete.

AT&T doubles down on Bloom Energy fuel cells

AT&T is now Bloom Energy’s largest corporate customer and has doubled its previously announced fuel cell deal. The news is the latest win for Bloom Energy as it continues to brings in tech customers that want to power facilities and data centers.

Bloom Energy launches data center focus for its fuel cells

Silicon Valley’s fuel cell maker Bloom Energy has launched a new practice focused on data centers, the company announced on Wednesday. To lead the group, Bloom Energy has brought on Peter Gross, who co-founded data-center firm EYP Mission Critical Facilities, which was bought by HP.

What’s up with Google and biomass power?

Out of all of Google’s close to $1 billion in clean power projects, turning biomass into energy seems like the least relevant technology to Google’s core business. But Google has made a few small investments into biomass projects, including a hog waste to energy project.

The world’s largest fuel cell park

FuelCell Energy is showing off what it says is the largest fuel cell park in the world: an 11.2 MW project with Korean power producer POSCO Power in Daegu City, South Korea. It was built on one acre of land.

Fuel cell makers eye data centers

Fuel cell maker ClearEdge Power plans to launch a fuel cell line targeted at data-center operators later this year. The move is part of a larger trend of fuel cell makers eying data-center operators as a new market for distributed cleaner power.

Electric bus maker Proterra raises $30M from Kleiner, GM

Electric bus maker Proterra announced Monday morning that it has raised $30 million from investors including Kleiner Perkins, GM Ventures, and Mitsui. Founded in 2004, Proterra makes drive components and energy storage systems for electric and hybrid buses, delivery vans and other commercial models.

Bloom Energy Touts Its Growth

On Friday afternoon Bloom Energy touted its growth, announcing that it has quadrupled the size of its factory in Sunnyvale, Calif. to 210,000 square feet, has grown its workforce by over 70 percent in 2010, and grown by 525 percent over the past four years.

How Green are Bloom Electrons? Depends on the Gas

Last week, fuel cell startup Bloom Energy launched its power purchase agreement business that repositions it from being a provider of fuel cells to a provider of the power those fuel cells generate. But what is a Bloom electron worth to Bloom’s would-be customers?

Xbox Live Media Outsells Subscriptions

Microsoft has seen its Xbox Live subscription gaming service grow pretty dramatically, with the service topping $1 billion in revenues. Perhaps more importantly, the majority of that revenue didn’t come through subscriptions, but from the sale of movies, TV shows and other content on the service.

Home Fuel Cell Maker ClearEdge to Tackle Korea

Bloom Energy may capture the lion’s share of buzz among fuel cell startups, but ClearEdge Power has generated a fair amount of business for its $50,000 stationary fuel cell systems, including a new $40 million distribution deal for the Korean market.

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