Japanese youth dumping fiber lines for LTE

Japanese youth are choosing LTE over fiber to the home connections, which has forced NTT to drop prices for its wireline service. Will the possibility of that kind of cost cutting inspire applications developers to build must-have services for wireline too?

The good and bad of niche broadband networks

Niche broadband networks built to cover areas big ISPs didn’t are doing well in the U.K according to a study out by PointTopic. Such news is welcome to niche players in the U.S. such as Sonic.Net, but is this the best way to deploy networks?

How fiber broadband changes a city

Boly, a tiny town in Hungary became fiber enabled and this video shows how it changed the society, its ambitions and its future. Now the entire video is in Hungarian, but the english subtitles tell the story aptly. As I keep saying — connectedness changes everything.

BT Openreach building a 300 Mbps open network

The U.K. will get 300 Mbps fiber to the home connections available on a wholesale basis. And that, my friends, is the sound of broadband supremacy passing us by in the U.S. as we lag behind other countries when it comes to upgrading our networks.

The Dutch love their fiber (broadband)

Netherlands, a country that wants to have 1 Gbps connections everywhere now has 269,000 fiber-based broadband subscribers. Netherlands has a total of 6.29 million broadband subscribers including 2.66 million who use cable broadband and it is one of the fastest broadband nations in the world.

Faster! Faster! Scientists Push 100 Terabit Speeds

Two research groups in the last few weeks have shown off 100 terabit per second speeds delivered over fiber connections. The advancement in speeds is both unexpected and necessary as we rely on broadband as the interconnect for our increasingly digital lives.

State of the Internet: Fiber, Fast Cities and Faster Broadband

Broadband continues to spread worldwide and the high-speed internet movement is going wireless, according to data collected by Akamai for its latest State of the Internet report. Here are glimpses of the report, including fastest cities in the world as well as some U.S. stats.

How It Feels to Have Been Passed Over by Google

Chip Rosenthal headed the effort to bring Google’s gigabit fiber network to Austin. He says the Texas capital was on the short list of cities, but thinks Austin was passed over because of a state law banning municipal participation in broadband networks.

Kansas City Gets Gigabit Speeds. What About the Rest of Us?

Kansas City may not be alone in getting gigabit broadband. In Google’s blog today, it said: “We’ll also be looking closely at ways to bring ultra high-speed Internet to other cities across the country.” Sounds like Google isn’t finished yet. And that’s a good thing.

Was Google’s Fiber Plan Just Saber Rattling?

Google announced its plan to build a superfast, fiber-to-the-home network in a lucky town last February and it would name the town in 2010. But last December it named a new person to lead the effort and said it needed more time. Where is the network?

Broadband, Now Cheaper Than Ever

Latest data from Point Topic, a broadband research firm, shows that broadband prices are down by 50 percent on per megabit basis from 2008. Price declines, are being driven by competition, especially for DSL services which are struggling to keep pace with fiber and cable offerings.

Calix to Buy Occam Networks For $171 Million

Calix, a maker of next generation networking gear is buying Occam networks for $171 million in a stock and cash transaction. The deal values Occam at $7.75 a share — a 27 percent premium over current stock price and includes $3.84 a share in cash.

Thanks to Video, 10G Fiber To The Home May Come Soon

The growing popularity of video — online and on-demand — is making carriers rethink their network plans. Many broadband providers are currently experimenting with new 10G technologies so as to offer much more bandwidth to your home than even current fiber-to-the-home networks offer.

Google Begins Using Its Planned Fiber Network to Flog ISPs

Google today launched a site that has the effect of creating a community action network around better broadband, starting with the more than 200,000 people who have already weighed in hoping to convince the search giant to build its planned experimental fiber-to-the-home network in their towns.

Sorry Fiber Fans, I've Got Some Bad News

More than 70 percent of U.S. broadband customers are happy with their overall service, according to Leichtman Research Group. And just 26 percent are “very interested” in receiving faster speeds at home. Which means that big, bold fiber efforts aren’t supported by today’s consumer demand.

OECD: U.S. Broadband Is Big But It Needs to Be Better

The U.S. is still the largest broadband market when it comes to the 30 OECD countries, according to data released late last week by the organization. The U.S. has 81.1 million connections, but it’s not enough to be a big broadband market. We need better broadband.

FCC Promotes 100 Mbps for 100M Homes

The FCC chairman today outlined a vision for 100 Mbps connections to 100 million homes. But that goal will be easy compared with other aspects of the National Broadband Plan he outlined such as delivering faster universal service, telehealth, a smart grid, and digital literacy programs.