Smart Meter System On a Chip: The Pros and Cons

Smart meters, smart thermostats, smart appliances and other smart grid devices have lots and lots of chips in them. Putting all those functions together in one system-on-a-chip can save lots of money and time spent on integration — if they give device makers the right combo.

Motorola Betting Billions on New Handset Spinoff

After several years of bleeding money, Motorola’s handset division is finally stemming losses thanks to co-CEO, Dr. Sanjay Jha, betting on Android. Jha will now head up the soon-to-be-spun-off division, to be called Motorola Mobility, in which the carrier will sink $3-$4 billion of cash.

Who is Your Smart Mobile Device Pundit?

Freescale created a list of 10 Smart Mobile Device pundits but they’re looking to double that list. Can you lend a hand and suggest some pundits while I figure out just what a pundit is supposed to do?

If James Bond Drove a Hybrid

Freescale Semiconductor said today that it is teaming up with McLaren Electronic Systems to build regenerative braking systems for Formula 1 race cars. The energy would be released with a special “boost button.” Think Knight Rider meets Prius.

TI to Sell Part of Its Wireless Chip Biz

Texas Instruments said today on its earnings call that it plans to sell its merchant baseband processor business — the division that makes off-the-shelf wireless chips for handsets. The company plans to keeps its OMAP applications processor business and will continue to make custom-radios for certain clients.

Aluminum: Canary in the Tech Mine

Alcoa, the world’s largest aluminum company, this week slashed its growth forecast and suspended its stock repurchasing program, battening down the hatches as the global credit crunch continues to hurt demand. My feeling is that aluminum is the canary in the coal mine and is foretelling tough times ahead for both the consumer electronics and computer hardware sectors.

Treo 650 Madness, Dumbness?

PalmOne announced Treo 650, and the whole world has gone into a bit of a froth. Playing me pre-ordained role of the…