What makes a free trial work (or not)

Do limited time try-before-buying offers work for tech vendors? That’s the question Totango addressed in new research that shows that companies can boost their conversion rate simply by paying attention to the people who sign up and — shocker — communicating with them.

EA seeks gaming ubiquity across models and platforms

Electronic Arts has survived in the cut-throat gaming business since 1982. And it plans to keep its console games alive while diverting resources to the fast growing mobile and social gaming world, company senior vice president Nick Earl said today.

How to make freemium work for you

The freemium business model propelled the phenomenal growth of Dropbox and Evernote, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Future Simple’s Uzi Shmilovici helps you decide if freemium is a good fit for your company and, if it is, how to make it work for you.

Mobile in-game purchases to hit $4.8B by 2016

All that virtual currency sold in mobile games is anything but virtual in terms of revenue. Juniper Research, in a new mobile games report, said revenues from mobile in-game purchases totaled $2.1 billion in 2011 and are expected to grow to $4.8 billion by 2016.

Why Shazam’s free iOS app has unlimited music tags

Shazam, a popular music tagging mobile app, announced on Thursday that it would remove the five-song limit from the free version of its iOS software. Why? More tagging leads to more sharing, more Apple iAd impressions and more revenue-generating music purchases from partners.

How Android app growth will mean payoff for devs

Android app downloads are expected to overtake iPhone apps this year for the first time, according to research firm Ovum, and will nearly double iPhone downloads by 2016. The growth in Android app downloads could have big implications for freemium app developers.

Tapjoy helps 10,000 apps go freemium

The money in mobile apps is increasingly tilting toward freemium apps and that is helping companies like Tapjoy, which said it now has 10,000 apps that are using its monetization and distribution platform. The company is also delivering more than 1 million ad completions every day.

Like casinos, mobile game devs want “big fish”

Mobile in-app purchases have eclipsed paid downloads as a revenue driver for mobile developers. But how much is that worth? Flurry said the average in-app game transaction is worth $14, which speaks to the importance of reeling in what casino’s call whales, or big spenders.

Freemium titles generate two-thirds of App Store gaming revenues

Free-to-play games, which monetize through in-app purchases, now account for 65 percent of revenue among the top 100 games in the App Store, overtaking paid downloads, which were the most successful revenue model six months ago. It’s another sign that freemium rules for many developers.

Camera+ Developer Provides Inside Look at App Store Success

iPhone photography app Camera+ recently crossed the 2 million copies sold mark. Developer taptaptap shared some info regarding the app’s success to date, and also provided us an inside look into how the studio minimizes its funding requirements while also maximizing its development investment.

Developers See Dollars In Android Improvements

Getting paid on Android has been a touchy subject for developers, who have had trouble turning their apps into big money makers. But now Google has rolled out a new web store for Android Market and in-app purchases for apps that developers are hoping will kick-start revenues.

PopCap Learns to Roll With The Freemium Market

PopCap’s string of success building top-notch video games like Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled has won it a reputation for making premium titles. But as the gaming industry moves to become more social and emphasize cheaper games and in-app purchases, PopCap is learning to evolve with it.

Alternative Payment Services Ride the Freemium App Boom

The news that Tapjoy, formerly Offerpal, raised $21 million in funding last week shows there is a big opportunity to be had by helping the freemium model expand on mobile. It’s a lesson that W3i, a desktop application marketing company, is looking to exploit.

IPhone In-App Purchases Almost Equal To Download Revenue

App analytics firm Distimo reported that 49 percent of the revenue on iPhone apps came from in-app purchases in both free and paid apps. The news underscores the importance of in-app payments and the emergence of the freemium model as a revenue driver for app makers.

How to Ride the Freemium App Wave to Success

The freemium mobile app movement is now a full-fledged trend among consumers and developers with freemium apps representing one-third of the top grossing iPhone apps. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind for developers wanting to employ in-app purchases and freemium apps.

OpenFeint Offers App Developers Another Way to go Freemium

Mobile gaming network OpenFeint is launching a new tool for developers to implement freemium models and is enticing developers to hop on board with a $1 million challenge. The move helps developers tap the growing market for freemium games, expected to heavily drive mobile gaming revenues.

SlideShare Grows Up, Launches Pro Accounts For Business Users

SlideShare, which allows users to upload and share PowerPoint and other presentations and slideshows, today launched a series of premium Pro accounts that have added features for businesses, including the ability to generate leads from within a presentation and to create a customized branded channel.