You’re having trouble finding a new iPhone 5 due to its design

Foxconn is having trouble assembling the iPhone 5 — still. If it’s so complicated that what Apple considers the best contract manufacturer on the planet can’t figure out a way to produce it that keeps up with demand, it’s worth wondering if perhaps Apple designers overreached.

A behind-the-scenes look at how an Apple iPad is made

After debunking Mike Daisey’s lies about the working conditions and policies at Apple’s most important contract manufacturer, Marketplace reporter Rob Schmitz was allowed rare access to a Foxconn factory floor in China. He took video of how an iPad is built.

After audit, some Foxconn workers bristle at fewer hours

Though Foxconn has agreed to bring its working hours policies into line with Chinese law after a high-profile audit, not all of its workers are cheering the news. Some employees say Foxconn’s pledge to reduce hours will reduce their pay, and they’re not happy about it.

Auditors find “significant issues” at Foxconn factories

The Fair Labor Association listed excessive overtime, proper compensation, health and safety risks and communication problems as problems uncovered at three Chinese factories that make Apple products. Foxconn has now agreed to build more housing for employees and reduce working hours and overtime.

Apple labor protestors to target new iPad sale Friday

Hoping to attract the attention of Apple fans more interested in how their iPad is made than whether the Retina display is worth the upgrade or not, another coordinated, multi-store protest against working conditions in Apple’s third-party manufacturers’ factories is planned for Friday’s iPad launch.

Injured iPhone workers to petition Apple at shareholder meeting

Two former iPhone factory workers in China, who were critically injured at Apple supplier Wintek’s plant in 2009, are looking to take advantage of Apple’s yearly meeting on Thursday to attract further attention to the conditions at factories where Apple’s most important products are assembled.