Facebook Nearby is not a Foursquare killer yet

Facebook’s new Nearby local search feature could become a Foursquare killer one day. So far, however, it’s not as comprehensive, deep or personal for users. But if Facebook can get its 600 million mobile users to think of it as a local search utility, look out.

On social media and the power of real-world serendipity

The way that social-media tools like Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram have changed our lives is often taken for granted, but the way that they can inject some much-needed serendipity into our lives is often overlooked — even by those who use them a lot.

How Foursquare is building a revenue strategy around local search

Foursquare has only recently begun testing an advertising product, but the early signs are promising, said CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley. That’s because Foursquare is becoming more of a personalized local search engine that can walk people into local stores and restaurants.

The Mobile 15, as a PDF

Last week, we published The Mobile 15, our list of the most-innovative companies in the world of mobile. It explored how these…

Foursquare beefs up merchant tools as it prepares to make money

Foursquare is building out its merchant services by adding a new tool called Local Update that allows businesses to reach loyal customers nearby with news and updates. This is part of an effort to make Foursquare’s business tools valuable enough that merchants will pay for it.

Foursquare hopes new mobile apps make it a go-to local resource

Foursquare’s ambitions to become the primary recommendation resource for users is the driving vision behind the latest update to its iOS and Android apps, which include a host of improvements to its Explore feature and an improved social structure that encourages more interaction.

Foursquare gears up to make money with new revenue chief

Foursquare is getting its revenue story in order and announced it has hired Steven Rosenblatt, the former director of advertising sales and strategy at Apple’s iAd. Rosenblatt will serve as Foursquare’s chief revenue officer and will lead the company’s new ad products coming out this summer.

Foursquare looks to personalized offers to generate revenue

Foursquare plans to offer personalized coupons through a redesigned app in July, part of a larger effort to start making money through the location-based social network. The Wall Street Journal reported that Foursquare will allow merchants to pay for special placement of personalized local offers.

Naveen Selvadurai, Foursquare co-founder is leaving

UPDATED: Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai is likely leaving the company. Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley started Foursquare together. Selvadurai worked on the first Foursquare iPhone app. The reasons for his leaving the company are not clear just yet. Foursquare has nearly 15 million users.

Foursquare and NFC: how the two can help each other

Foursquare has updated its Android app to include support for tap-and-go check-ins and P2P sharing using NFC. The app will now be able to read NFC tags at a location and immediately take a user to a venue page, where they can check-in.

Walkbase showcases indoor location tech with auto check-in app

A Finnish company called Walkbase is looking to bring to market a very simple and scalable solution for indoor positioning that can help map out rooms using crowd-sourced data and smart algorithms. It’s showing off its technology with a new auto Foursquare check-in app called Checked.

Foursquare to relaunch Instapaper for places feature

Foursquare is poised to relaunch its Add to Foursquare feature as Save to Foursquare in the next month. It will allow users on the web to save locations to their Foursquare app when they use an embeddable button, which has been simplified for publishers.

Check-in services still struggling to win over consumers

The Pew Internet Project found that 28 percent of American adults use some form of mobile and social location-based services to get directions, recommendations or check into a location. But Pew found that only 4 percent of adults use their phones specifically for check-ins alone.

Foursquare poised to charge merchants in revenue bid

Foursquare is now poised to rev up its revenue engine by eventually charging merchants to offer deals and access its business tools. Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai told the New York Post that the company is planning to charge its more than half a million merchants.

AnyClip partners with Foursquare for NYC scavenger hunt

AnyClip has partnered with Foursquare to launch a scavenger hunt around New York City. The Clip Trail promotion, which went live during New York’s Internet Week, leverages QR code stickers in various locations and unlocks video clips and gives users a chance to win movie passes.

Smartphones and Women Help Check-ins Take Flight

Location-based services are still traveling a long road toward mainstream adoption but the growth of smartphones and acceptance by women appear to be helping accelerate the rise of check-ins and suggest location services could have a bright future ahead.

Gogobot Turns Foursquare and Facebook Check-ins Into Travel Journal

The check-in was big last year though people are now questioning its basic usefulness as many look to what’s next beyond the simple act. But the check-in still has a lot of value, something social travel site Gogobot is illustrating with new Foursquare and Facebook integration.

Can Social, Mobile Save the Gap & Make it Cool Again?

More than almost any other national brand, the Gap has been on the cutting edge with its marketing trials, working with Facebook, Groupon, Foursquare, Visa, JiWire and others to figure out how to craft its image and message for a much more social and mobile audience.

Can Your Phone Sense and Send You a Deal?

Visa has been working with the Gap on a campaign that provides discounts and promotions via text message when users make certain transactions on their Visa card. The program shows how mobile offers and discounts are incorporating more intelligence, which will be key for success.

Foursquare Shifts Focus From Present Tense to Future

Foursquare has been grown to almost 10 million users by connecting them in the present tense to their location. But the company sees a much brighter future in focusing on the future movements of its users, said Dennis Crowley, who spoke at the Where 2.0 conference.

Foursquare Grows Up and Beyond the Check-In

Foursquare is taking a big leap ahead in its story with version 3.0 as it matures into a much more complete and polished location-based service capable of tackling its original vision of making cities easier to use for people.

Why Foursquare Needs Infrastructure to Beat Facebook

Foursquare has updated its iPhone app with photos and comments, making the location-based service more social. New features will allow users to attach photos to tips and venues, to share more information with people. Comments will also help users weigh-in on a friend’s check-in.

Brightkite Checking Out of Location, Embracing Group Text

The location battle lost a pioneer today as Brightkite announced it was pivoting away from check-ins and toward group text messaging. The move suggests that the rough-and-tumble world of location-based services is beginning a weeding out process with more competitors dropping out or moving on.

Foursquare TV Show In The Works

You know you’ve made it as a technology service when Hollywood comes calling in hopes of developing a TV show. But this new deal between Fou…

Beyond the Check-In, the Era of Persistent Location Beckons

Check-ins have given consumers a glimpse of the power of location and the deals they unlock. But there’s another world awaiting as mobile users learn to appreciate the era of “persistent location,” in which a user’s location is passively used to deliver them relevant information

Microsoft Opened Its Wallet to Build WP7 App Success

Foursquare’s VP of mobile/partnership said his company would have waited until Microsoft sold at least 10 million Windows Phone 7 devices before it rolled out a Foursquare app. So how was there a Foursquare app for the WP7 launch? Simple answer: Microsoft paid for it.

Topguest Works to Make Location Rewards Real

Topguest, a location service that ties into existing rewards programs, is coming out of beta with an expanded list of partners including HIlton HHonors, Virgin American Elevate and Wyndham Rewards and allows for gifting to friends. The company also announced $2 million in Series A funding.

SCVNGR Relaunches Apps As Location Wars Heat Up

SCVNGR, a location-based gaming service, has tallied 500,000 users since rolling out consumer apps in May. Now the service is relaunching its iPhone and Android apps, with improvements aimed at heightening the game play and social aspects of its service.

Takeaways From the Facebook and Foursquare Outages

Most web companies publish detailed post-mortems on site interruptions. These are usually an attempt to appease impatient customers and share a lesson the company learned. The write-ups by Facebook and Foursquare provide a few business and technical lessons that we should note.

Locationary Wants to be the Wikipedia of Location

Many different services are going after the location market, but Locationary founder Grant Ritchie says much of the information in the databases they use is flawed or inaccurate, and none of the services talk to each other. His company rewards users for providing updated location information.

Foursquare’s Future Slowly Takes Shape

The rise of check-in-based applications like Foursquare (and others like it) can essentially bring a cost-per-action business model to the real world, perhaps either supplanting or complementing traditional forms of advertising. What are the possible ways check-in apps can replace traditional local advertising?

Facebook Places Will Be About More Than Just a Check-In

Facebook’s entry in the location-based sweepstakes is coming soon, sources have told CNET. But while CNET says the new feature will integrate existing “check-in” information from other services, it’s likely that Facebook Places will be about far more than just adding location data to status updates.

Kevin Goes to Washington: Overhead View

It’s always fun (if a little bit stalker) to follow someone on Foursquare, and even better to see where they’ve been. Using a method shared by Fred Wilson, Kevin Tofel was able to use Foursquare and Google Maps to generate an overview of a recent trip.

Search Engines Eye Foursquare’s Data

Are the major search engines about to give their badge of approval to Foursquare? CEO Dennis Crowley tells The Telegraph that his company is…

Foursquare Looking for Deals with Search Giants

Foursquare is in talks with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft about deals involving the service’s location-based checkin data, CEO Dennis Crowley told The Telegraph. None of the search providers have confirmed this, but such deals would make sense given their interest in making their results more real-time.

No! Foursquare Isn't Buying Brizzly

Earlier this morning Louis Gray speculated that red-hot start-up Foursquare might be looking to buy Thing Labs, the company behind Brizzly. Jason Shellen, CEO of Thing Labs and Mike Hirshland, partner at Polaris Venture Partners, they both categorically dismissed the story as not true.

Foursquare Is Rebuilding. A New Foursquare On The Way?

With a big slug of cash infused by VCs, New York-based startup FourSquare is ready to build a brand new experience for its location-based social service, says CEO Dennis Crowley. It is an attempt to keep ahead of the copy cats and attract mainstream subscribers.

A Place For Every Tweet and Every Tweet in Its Place

When Twitter announced in May that it planned to launch a new feature called Points of Interest based on a user’s location, some expected it to be a “Foursquare-killer.” Instead, both Foursquare and Gowalla are partners in the feature now known simply as Twitter Places.

Will Foursquare Badges Really Help Newspapers?

The Wall Street Journal has launched a partnership with Foursquare that will show readers links to stories and reviews about local landmarks in New York, and allow them to win special badges. But will this actually help the Journal, or is it just a PR stunt?

Teenager Heads to North Pole to Check In With Foursquare

While most 15-year-olds are happy playing video games, Parker Liautaud is on an expedition to reach the North Pole, where he will check in with Foursquare and earn a specially-created Last Degree badge on the network. The expedition is aimed at raising awareness about the Arctic.

Microsoft’s Bing Adds Foursquare To Maps

To add to Microsoft’s growing list of partners in its battle to take on Google (NSDQ: GOOG) in the search market: Hot location startup Fours…

Geo-madness Now Playing on Your Dashboard

Geo-madness has a new victim. BMW has launched a new feature that allows folks to share their location, travel routes and destinations with others right from the car. It will be offered as a part of BMW Assist, an add-on online information services.

Will 2010 Finally Be the Year of Location?

For most of the first decade of the new century, we all waited for the emergence of location-based services. The LBS dream, it seemed, was always being deferred. Fast-forward to today — in 2010 we’ll see that mythical future become an actuality.

Foursquare Goes Global

Foursquare, the addictive and yet slightly creepy location-based status updater/mobile game, has gone global. When it first launched, users…

FourSquare for BlackBerry, Almost Here

FourSquare for the BlackBerry is on its way. The company recently provided access to its beta version to a handful of people and will soon roll it out in batches. You can still sign up for the app and it’s totally worth the wait.

Brightkite Is Set to Relaunch

Brightkite is ready to re-launch its service. Brightkite is the company that emerged after Limbo, a Burlingame, Calif.-based startup, merged with Denver-based…