Biz spending on Macs, iPads could hit $19B in 2012

BYOD policies aren’t the only reasons Apple products’ presence are growing at your office. Corporate IT departments are more and more buying Macs and iPads for employees to use. That’s according to a new report from analyst firm Forrester published Friday.

Apps vs. the web: Are they enemies or allies?

Forrester CEO George Colony reignited a minor firestorm recently by saying “the web is dead” and the app ecosystem is replacing it. Others, however, argue that the open web has benefits that apps do not have, and that losing these features would have serious consequences.

Forrester to your IT dept: Let them use Macs

Forrester made some waves in the IT world Thursday morning when it released a report strongly urging large enterprise companies to let their employees use Macs at work. It’s also something mobile IT folks already figured out: employees are more productive using devices they choose.

Netflix to add family accounts and VOD rentals?

Netflix has taken a lot of heat since announcing a new pricing structure. But more price changes could be on the way as Netflix seeks to diversify its revenue stream with individual accounts and video-on-demand sales, if you believe Forrester analyst James McQuivey.

Forrester: Big Data, Cloud Will Merge in 2011

In a new Forrester report, authors James Staten and Lauren E. Nelson advise infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to encourage their data analysts to get hip to cloud-based analytics tools and to consider making their organizational data available to the public as a cloud resource.

Marketers and Social Media: Cutting Through the Noise

Marketers have been lured by how easy it is to set up Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for their brands, but according to a new report, their content often doesn’t get through, because Generation Y users are overwhelmed with Facebook friends and Twitter messages already.

On Social Networks, Most Still Just Like to Watch

Although the number of people who are using social networking services and engaging with social media continues to climb, the number who describe themselves as “creators” of content — those who publish their own blogs, upload videos, and so on — is falling, new research shows.

The Great Video SEO Frontier

While efforts to get web sites onto the top page of Google’s search results have spawned an entire industry, people are only…