ReadWriteWeb rebrands, hires Dan Lyons as EIC

Technology blog ReadWriteWeb, which was acquired by Say Media last December, has hired “Fake Steve Jobs” author Dan Lyons as editor-in-chief. The site is also getting a tablet-friendly redesign and a new name, ReadWrite.

Are aggregation and curation journalism? Wrong question

There’s been a lot of debate about whether a Forbes blog post that excerpted and summarized a New York Times story qualifies as journalism or not — but to some extent that’s a red herring. The only question that matters is whether the reader is served.

Note to media: We are all brands now, so get used to it

There’s been a lot of talk about “branding” and media lately, sparked in part by Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten’s recent anti-branding rant, in which he said it was “ruining journalism.” But like it or not, branding is now an inescapable part of new media.

Is Forbes Putting Its Editorial Soul on the Block?

Forbes magazine has been talking with major advertisers about giving them blogs on the magazine’s website that would blend their marketing message in with Forbes’s editorial content, but blurring the line between advertising and journalism is a hugely risky bet for the business publication to make.

Forbes Editor Baldwin Steps Down

The latest management change at Forbes: William Baldwin, Forbes’ editor since 1999, is stepping down to become a writer at the magazine effe…

Forbes Media Hiring A New President

Forbes Media, the parent of Forbes magazine and website, is hiring for a new president, we have learned from multiple sources. Th…