The Difference a Device Makes: How the iPhone Saved Fon

Fon was once a company on the verge of bankruptcy with an unsustainable business model, a new era of mobile computing ushered in by Apple’s iPhone and the devices that would follow have completely turned its fortunes around. How? By jump-starting the demand for Wi-Fi everywhere.

Fon Makes Entire Wi-Fi Network Free In Japan

People of Japan are using their smartphones during the earthquake and tsunami tragedies to share news and pictures but with damaged infrastructure, the cellular networks are struggling. To keep information flowing, Madrid-based Fon quickly acted to open up one million free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Sprint, Cogent Reconnect Networks For Now

Sprint (s FON) and Cogent networks are back talking to each other — at least temporarily. After the two companies severed networks on October 30, there has been wide spread criticism of the severing of the networks.

Whisher Adds a Symbian App

Updated: Whisher has sent this special offer to our readers. They are giving away WiFi Out credit to GigaOM readers, and you…

Sling-ing in the (money) rain

Exclusive: Connected Home has become one of the main themes of investment for venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. And the hottest deal…