Christmas Day: tablet activations outpace smartphones

Christmas Day, the biggest day for mobile device activations, lived up to its billing, said Flurry, which noted that device activations hit 17.4 million devices, up from 6.8 million a year ago. Tablets edged out smartphones for activations.

A programmer’s guide to big data: 12 tools to know

Whether they’re building big data applications or just trying to gather some insights from their mobile apps, developers have more need than ever for analytics tools. It’s a good thing so many companies are building tools designed with developers’ needs and skills in mind.

Flurry brings its surging mobile video ads to Android

Flurry said its mobile video ads have topped 100 million completed views in August are proving to be effective ways for publishers to monetize and for advertisers to engage consumers. Now it’s bringing the video ads to Android.

Keen.io gathers $750K seed money to staff up mobile analytics

Keen.io the startup that wants to supply the analytics platform for the mobile masses, netted $750,000 in new funding atop the $118,000 it already took in via TechStars. The investors include 500 Startups, Data Collective and SK Ventures, said co-founder Kyle Wild.

China now leading source of iOS, Android activations

China could soon be the most important mobile market in the world. Not only did the country become the leading source of iOS and Android device activations in the first quarter of 2012, but it could enjoy the world’s largest installed based of mobile users before too long.

Flurry debuts tool for app makers to keep users engaged

With almost 1 million mobile apps available, trying to get noticed by users today is a difficult proposition. Mobile app analytics company Flurry is launching the AppCircle Re-Engagement tool to help app makers get users to keep going back to the apps they’ve already downloaded.

Mobile app usage: active all day, spikes in prime time

Just like TV, mobile usage is highest during prime time, peaking at 9 p.m., according to Flurry. But just as important is the fact that mobile app use is relatively higher throughout the day than both Internet and TV, only eclipsed by TV in prime time.

Mightybell: An app for achieving goals one step at a time

Former Ning CEO Gina Bianchini has launched a new social application called Mightybell, which tries to help people create, achieve and share experiences using step-by-step actions. The idea of Mightybell is to break up a specific goal into smaller steps, allowing people to experience something incrementally.

Sorry HTML 5, mobile apps are used more than the web

HTML 5 and the mobile web are supposed to be the great unifier across platforms, but we might not need such a solution. For the first time ever, Flurry Analytics says people are using apps more than they’re using the mobile web on smartphones and tablets.

Britain tops Europe for app addiction

New figures from analytics firm Flurry suggest that mobile users across Europe’s biggest markets are ravenously hungry for apps — and that even despite high smartphone adoption around the continent, there is still plenty of room for further growth in the coming years.

Is Apple Changing How It Ranks Popular Apps?

Looks like Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) might be putting a more sophisticated — and potentially more helpful — spin on how it ranks the most popular…

Please, App Makers, Give Me More Than Download Stats

A mobile app with millions of downloads is noteworthy, but what I want to hear is how many users are still around in a week, a month, six months later and how often are they engaging? I want more information than a download number can give.

Mobile Virtual Goods Generate 4X More Revenue Than Ads

Mobile virtual goods accounted for 80 percent of revenue from iOS apps in September, far outpacing advertising, according to new data from analytics firm Flurry. January was the last month advertising revenue was greater than revenue from virtual goods.

Apple to Flurry: Kiss Our Data Good-bye

Steve Jobs at the AllThingsD conference called out Flurry’s analytics practices, specifically pointing to how device-specific data on unreleased Apple products was captured by Flurry and put out to the public — a practice Jobs made clear Apple won’t allow going forward.

Flurry Pockets $7M in Funding

Flurry snares $7 million in venture funding just a month after merging with Pinch Media. The cash should help it grow its business in a substantial way — which will make it that much more attractive to potential suitors.