5 Reasons FLO TV Failed

Qualcomm announced it would sell the spectrum it had been using for its FLO TV mobile video service to AT&T today. FLO TV has long been expected to fail, and here are the top five reasons it never really got off the ground.

Goodbye FLO TV. Hello, Service and Device Refunds!

Two months after Qualcomm decided to shut down its FLO TV service comes some good news for subscribers: The company will pro-rated refunds for the portable television service, and also give money back on device purchases. Too bad my HD-DVD player didn’t get the same treatment.

Qualcomm Goes Public With Flo TV Cancellation

After 36 hours of radio silence, Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) is finally acknowledging that it is canceling its direct-to-consumer FLO TV operation…

Qualcomm Giving Up On FLO TV

Qualcomm is looking to shut down FLO TV after failing to find a buyer for the mobile video service. While the mobile spectrum that the service runs on will surely be valuable, the shutdown may be a warning sign for other dedicated mobile video services.

Vid Biz: Netflix Canada, FLO TV Sale, YouTube Play

Today on the net: Qualcomm wants to sell FLO TV, Canada’s Netflix users will have a hard time with bandwidth caps, 7-Eleven’s branded web show gets two million views in three weeks, YouTube has selected the jury for its Play award and more.

Disney, ABC Go With the FLO

ABC and Disney are making their video available through Qualcomm’s (s QCOM) FLO TV mobile video service, in a deal that will…