Flipboard goes big, lands on Android tablets

Android users of Flipboard have a tablet-optimized version of the popular newsreader now. Instead of a scaled-up version of the popular news reader, Android tablet owners get a magazine-like experience similar to that of Flipboard’s 2010 debut on the Apple iPad.

Prismatic gets $15M to build a recommendation engine for the world

Prismatic, a San Francisco-based startup that uses machine-learning algorithms to recommend news and other content to users based on their social activity, has raised a $15-million Series A round from a star-studded group of investors including Accel Partners and Russian investor Yuri Milner.

The new era of startups focused on design

Startups that are focused on design are emerging as the web and mobile industry’s most successful companies. What does it take to make a commitment to design? Mike McCue, Flipboard’s co-founder and CEO has some ideas.

Prismatic wants to conquer the new frontier: Mobile news

Prismatic, a news-filtering service, has launched an iPhone app that founder Bradford Cross says makes the experience of reading news on a mobile device appealing for the first time, because it strips away all of the clutter that tends to slow down mobile news sites.

Pulse vs. Flipboard: Which will win, subscriptions or ads?

News-aggregation services Flipboard and Pulse have both signed deals this week to distribute content from a mainstream outlet — one the New York Times and the other the Wall Street Journal — but they are taking very different approaches when it comes to monetizing those relationships.

Why the NYT-Flipboard deal is a smart move

A partnership between the New York Times and Flipboard isn’t just noteworthy because it is a first for the newspaper. It could also be a sign that the NYT‘s philosophical approach toward content in the digital age might be changing for the better.

Flipboard launches on Android phones, no plans for a tablet app

Flipboard, Apple’s 2010 iPad app of the year, is finally launching on Android phones worldwide and will also be available on the Kindle Fire and on Nook tablets. The personalized news magazine app will also incorporate Google+ and YouTube for the first time.

Flipboard opens an Android beta program

Flipboard for Android launched exclusively on Samsung’s Galaxy S III. The reading app is an iOS fave due to its intuitive page flipping interface, many news sources and connectivity to social networking sites. Here’s how to register and get Flipboard for Android beta on your phone.

Want Flipboard on Android? Here’s how to get it.

Flipboard has long been a showcase app for iOS. When Samsung introduced its new Galaxy S III, however, it said that Flipboard would debut on the handset as an Android exclusive. It didn’t take long for the installation file to appear on the web.

Flipboard launches slick iPhone app

Flipboard, which made its name with a slick iPad app, is now branching out. The company is announcing a brand new iPhone app that is slick, sticky and addictive. The game plan, according to CEO Mike McCue, is to take attention away from the old-fashioned browser.

Yahoo Livestand: All dressed up and no place to go

On Wednesday, Yahoo released its Livestand app, which combines aspects of apps like Flipboard and Zite with the digital magazine rack concept of Apple’s Newsstand. I took the app through its paces to see how the hybrid approach holds up in the face of the competition.

Building a mobile app? Here are 6 tips for you

The mobile apps and services founders speaking at Mobilize 2011 this week gave some great advice for startups to follow. We picked out some of the best tips from Pandora, Flipboard, Instagram, Hipmunk, Formspring and Grey Area.

Flipboard is trying to reinvent media for the tablet age

Flipboard was created out of a desire to reinvent media consumption for a digital and tablet age, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help existing publications repair their damaged business models, editorial director Josh Quittner told attendees at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco on Monday.

Fotopedia graduates from iPad app to Flipboard magazine

Fotopedia, the visual storytelling startup founded by former Apple scientists, is turning its magazine-like travel photography app into an actual digital magazine called Fotopedia Magazine, an online publication focused on travel and culture. The digital platform of choice for distribution is another popular iPad app: Flipboard.

News.me finally gets its wings — but can it fly?

News.me, the social news-curation app that was developed at the New York Times and then incubated by Betaworks, has been spun off as a separate company to sink or swim on its own. But can it compete with giants like Flipboard and other newer competitors?

After the CEO, Yahoo needs to fire its board

Despite the firing of Bartz, Yahoo is not out of the woods yet. It’s time for a complete face lift of Yahoo’s board. Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang needs to bring on folks who have a deeper understanding of the changes around and ahead of the company.

Dolphin Browser for Android turns web into a magazine

I previously gave Android device owners eight reasons to try the Dolphin Browser, and today the company adds reason number nine. The newest version of the popular third-party browser adds a Webzine feature, turning the browsing experience into a magazine-like platform to read top-tier content.

Flipboard wants to be the newsstand of the future

Flipboard, one of the first iPad applications to really take advantage of the new device’s touch interface to create a kind of digital magazine, today released a series of updates and new features that turn the app into even more of a tablet-based newsstand.

Future of media: This is no time for incrementalism

As the recent report from the FCC on the future of media makes clear, describing the industry’s problems is a lot easier than coming up with solutions. Washington Post managing editor Raju Narisetti doesn’t have any answers either, but says now isn’t the time for incrementalism.

Are Apps Like Flipboard the Future of Media?

Apps like Flipboard and Zite are showing traditional media entities what readers really want when it comes to mobile content consumption: smart aggregation, customization and personalization, and a better interface. If publishers don’t find a way to ride that wave, they will be crushed by it.

The Race to Build the “Daily Me” Continues

A new iPad app called Zite is the latest entrant in the race to build the “Daily Me,” a personalized newspaper that learns what you like. No one has really won this race yet, although Flipboard appears to be leading — and where is Google?

Yahoo Wants to Get Mobile And Personal With Livestand

Yahoo unveiled a new personalized digital newstand app called Livestand that will serve as a showcase for magazine content on tablets but will eventually drive the overall Yahoo experience across all devices. Livestand represents Yahoo’s drive to become more mobile and personal.

Is Flipboard Too Much Fun to Be Useful?

When Flipboard first arrived on the scene, it was essentially just a browser for Twitter and Facebook. But now the company has introduced support for Google Reader feeds, Flickr photos and other real-time media streams, as it tries to become a one-stop iPad portal for content.

Flipboard: Future is HTML5, RSS & New New Advertising

Mike McCue, the founder of Palo Alto, Calif.-based mobile media company, Flipboard, seems to have figured out a business model for his 20-person company. It revolves around a new kind of ad network, embracing RSS and betting that HTML5 is going to define its future.

Flipboard Wades Into Murky Copyright Waters Where Google Lives

Flipboard, a new content-browsing app for the iPad, raises many of the same thorny copyright issues that Google has been dealing with for years on Google News and Google Books. Is it a value-added service that content publishers should be thankful for, or a copyright-infringing parasite?

Flipboard Responds to Failed Launch

Flipboard, the new iPad application that formats personal news streams into readable pages, was a hot ticket this week. Quite a bit hotter, it turns out, than anticipated and prepared for. Since launching late Tuesday, the customizable part of Flipboard has been largely non-functional.

Flipboard Buys Ellerdale, Launches Social Digital Magazine

Remember how the iPad was supposed to herald a new era of media consumption? Well, that day is finally here — or at least a glimpse of it, with the new iPad application Flipboard, built by a new company of the same name.