Is Cisco’s latest gear the cure for what ails it?

Cisco is adding new products to its ASR 9000 family, promising to drastically increase the capacity available over networks. The equipment manufacturer has also added network virtualization technology, enabling operators to manage all layers of the edge, aggregation and access networks in a single system.

Updated: Cisco Shuts Down Eos Social Platform

We’re hearing that Cisco is shutting down Eos, a social publishing platform aimed at media and entertainment companies, as part of its ongoing restructuring efforts. While Eos was by all accounts a cool service, shuttering it is a smart move from a strategic perspective.

Flip Founder: People Still Want Single Purpose Devices

Pure Digital CEO Jonathan Kaplan sold the Flip video recorder maker to Cisco in 2009 for $590 million. Today, Cisco shut down the video maker and laid off 550 employees. Kaplan shares his thoughts about the news and argues that smartphone didn’t kill the Flip.

The Rise and Fall of Flip: What Went Wrong

Just two years after its acquisition of Pure Digital, Cisco has officially given up on its Flip line of video cameras. But with the shutdown of its consumer video camera business, Cisco is also closing the book on a pretty extraordinary change in personal video creation.

The End: Cisco Shuts Down Flip, a $590 Million Mistake

Cisco is giving up on its barely two-year-old $590 million purchase of Pure Digital Technologies, announcing today that it is closing its Flip business unit and cutting 550 employees as part of a larger restructuring aimed at refocusing the company on its core networking business.

Side-by-side: HTC EVO 4G vs. Flip SlideHD

HTC’s new EVO 4G handset supports HD 720p video recording – but is the recording quality good enough to make its owners ditch their Flip camcorder? We took both devices for a spin outside our office this week and show you the results side by side.

Social Networking Gets a Sanity Check

The social networking space is finally getting a long overdue does of reality. A weakening economy and the resulting strain on advertising revenue means the social networking space is finally getting a long overdue does of reality, combined with a slowdown in growth, means things are going to get a lot tougher going forward.