What makes Instagram such a steal for Facebook

Instagram is one of those rare companies that has been able to marry the digital and the physical and create a community based on delight and relationships. It is one of the reasons why I think it was a steal of a deal for Facebook.

Mobile apps for Google+ add photo filters, too

Google+ announced Monday that it’s incorporating some photo editing and filtering features into its iOS app from the team at Snapseed, which Google acquired back in September 2012. At this point the “photo wars” seem to have died down slightly, but Google+ gets into the mix.

Why Facebook has won the mobile photo war

With its own Camera app and, now, Instagram too, Facebook essentially controls both the public and private social graphs for mobile photo sharing. And, given how much we love taking and sharing pictures, that means Facebook has huge commercial opportunities in this space.

SD card turns digital cameras into Instagram machines

Eye-Fi’s new $79 Mobile X2 memory card for digital cameras can be used to get images from a point-and-shoot or DLSR to a iOS or Android device, making it easy to share pics on Instagram, Facebook, TwitPic or any number of other photo sharing sites.

For social sharing, Apple turns to Twitter again

Apple’s decision to unfriend Facebook has turned out to be a boon for third-party social services that are now finding their way into Apple operating environments. The biggest winner of them all is Twitter which gets a big boost from the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion.

Happy birthday, Flickr!

Today happens to be the 8th birthday of Flickr, a groundbreaking photo-sharing service that introduced to the world the founding principles of the social web: community, sharing, openness and social connections. Flickr today languishes in the shadow of newer photo-sharing services. Sad, really!

Of funerals, digital photos and impermanence

The era of cheap digital photography means it is easier than ever to take a good picture, but it also means we are drowning in photos, and pictures have become just another form of digital detritus. Where will those digital memories be when we need them?

500px, the website for photo buffs, hits its stride

500px, the photo sharing website beloved by photography professionals and highly skilled hobbyists, debuted a new iPad app over the weekend. And at just three days old, the new app is already experiencing growth that’s downright jaw-dropping. Overall, 500px has had a major growth spurt recently.

Flickr takes on Instagram with shoot-and-share Android app

Flickr on Wednesday unveiled its first official Android app, a “shoot-and-share” app that gives users the ability to edit photos and add visual filters.By hitting the market now, Flickr for Android could well take some air out of Instagram’s upcoming Android debut.

Can Web 2.0 stars get a second chance at success?

Some of Web 2.0’s brightest talents are returning with new projects, from revitalized bookmarking sites to fresh online games. But the challenges they face today are different than back in 2005, because the internet is radically changed — not least because of Facebook. Can they succeed?

Hypercasual: when the web gets a little too friendly

Lots of companies have tried to soften up their image by adopting a friendly tone of voice, but social media has cranked the volume up. But when even banks and faceless corporations are adopting this facile approach, is it time hypercasual was killed off?

Adobe tries mobile photos as a service with Carousel

Mobile photos are becoming more popular as smartphone tech improves, but just how far will smartphone photographers take their hobby? Adobe is banking on the fact that Apple device users will pay more to make sure their photos are easier to share, edit and view.

Adding GPS info to iPhoto with myTracks

Keeping track of where you’ve taken photos is not as easy as you might think. Your iPhone automatically geotags images, but most digital cameras aren’t GPS enabled. You can manually add the data, but there’s a better way to do it automatically in batches.

Can babies teach us anything about Google Plus?

Everyone’s been trying to understand whether the newly-launched Google+ can really challenge Facebook for the Web’s social crown. So what can you learn when take one of the crucial moments in anyone’s life and compare the social networking contenders head-to-head? I decided to find out.

Wheels of Steel lets wannabe DJs drive the decks

The success of Pandora’s public offering underscores the popularity of online music, and the thousands of ways you can listen to tracks online. But how many can claim to be as fun as new virtual turntable setup Wheels of Steel?

Why YouTube Adopting Creative Commons Is a Big Deal

Mashup artists, your life just got easier. YouTube is now making it possible remix existing videos right within its online video editor. The site is also adopting Creative Commons licensing, immediately making more than 10,000 Creative Commons-licensed videos available for reuse. Both steps have wide-ranging implications.

How Social Media Creates a Rough Draft of History

Washington Post publisher Philip Graham called journalism the “first rough draft of history,” but as a new research paper from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism notes, that role is increasingly being played by social media such as Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook.

Meet ZangZing: Group Photo Sharing with a Focus on Privacy

ZangZing, a photo-sharing startup founded by an all-star group of Silicon Valley veterans, launches today in private beta. ZangZing is entering a crowded space, but CEO Joseph Ansanelli hopes the company’s slick design aesthetic and streamlined user interface to attract a dedicated, discerning user base.

Memolane Launched Embeddable Web Activity Time Lines

Memolane, the social media aggregation startup, has launched an embeddable version of its social web activity timelines. Memolane, which pools together a user’s various social web identities from sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Blogger into one searchable timeline, launched in public beta last month.

Why the Medium Is Not the Message

One of the biggest mistakes we as a society in general, and industry in specific make is that we mistake medium for the message. Those who can keep their eye on the message — Amazon and Netflix for example – profit handsomely. On the flip-side you have Flickr.

Why Most Startup Acquisitions Fail, and Always Will

Why do Yahoo and Google have such a miserable track record when it comes to acquiring startups like Flickr, Delicious and Dodgeball? It’s the nature of the beast — startups and big companies are two completely different animals, and blending their DNA often just doesn’t work.

Flickr Photos Get Interesting on the Apple TV

The only real problem with Apple TV’s photo screensaver is that my own photos aren’t up to scratch, and the limited ones Apple includes get old pretty quickly. What I really wanted was a way to get Flickr’s daily Explore section onto my Apple TV.


How to Market Your iPhone App: A Developer’s Guide

The iTunes App Store has more than 250,000 active apps for sale. How will you get yours get noticed? After you’ve spent significant time and resources on developing and releasing it, you can’t simply wait for it to be “discovered.” In today’s crowded marketplace, you need a strategic and savvy marketing approach to sell your app — or you risk it getting lost in an ever-expanding deluge of sub-par offerings. Navigating the nuances of app marketing involves many steps, from knowing the finer points of search engine optimization to understanding Apple’s ranking policies and how to use social networks to your advantage. This guide offers strategies for all of those topics and countless others, including app design; choosing a release date; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube marketing ideas; what makes or breaks a press release; and tips on how to win the approval of the ever-influential app blogger.

The Downside of User-generated Content

Building a business that is largely based on user-generated content seems like a great idea, until those users decide to post what they want instead of what you want. Amazon and Yelp are two of the most recent companies to experience the downside of user-generated reviews.

Is Baby Talk the New Startup Naming Convention?

This weekend at DEMO a startup called Gwabbit launched a web-based contact syncing service. In seeing the name, I instantly thought of Kwedit, another tech startup whose oh-so-cutesy name makes me want to … well … womit. Startups, please don’t do this to your users.

Q&A: Stewart Butterfield on the Launch of Glitch

Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Flickr and founder of game developer Tiny Speck, talks about his newly launched, massively multiplayer online game Glitch, why he chose 2-D instead of 3-D, and how he thought about starting a bank instead of a game company.

Flickr Co-founder's New Startup Finds a Glitch

Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield’s new startup, Tiny Speck, has announced its first product, a massively multiplayer online game called Glitch. The 2D Flash-based game will start alpha testing soon and launch in late 2010, Butterfield says, and includes social elements such as collaborative puzzle-solving.


Report: The Real-Time Enterprise

Real-time communication and collaboration in the enterprise represents a significant shift in how employees, partners and customers interact and collaborate to drive organizational performance. The growth and acceptance of so-called “Enterprise 2.0” platforms and applications promise to break down closed communication and collaboration loops by moving discussions and data access from email, content management and rigid process applications to activity streams, wikis and API-based data access. This report looks at the history of this transition, the major players involved, opportunity and challenges for vendors in the space, and profiles the efforts of major enterprise collaboration tools to add real-time tools.


Report: Mobile Augmented Reality Today and Tomorrow

Mobile augmented reality (AR) brings computer-generated multimedia into an end-user’s literal field of vision. It merges real-time digital information with the user’s perceptions of his or her immediate physical surroundings. The mobile AR user simultaneously experiences physical reality and digital media consumption. This report looks at the growing mobile AR ecosystem, from the technologies and trends supporting its development to the applications, players, and business models driving innovation. The report includes a forecast for the number of mobile AR–capable devices, summarizes existing revenue forecasts for the nascent market, and leverages three in-depth case studies to demonstrate the intersections between markets, technologies, and companies in emerging applications.

Photobucket Spins Out: The On-Purpose Failure to Integrate

A few years back when big media companies were snatching up web startups for exorbitant prices, old-fashioned concepts like corporate synergy were not a priority. Many acquisitions came with promises to leave startup’s brands, products and leadership alone. That didn’t end up working so well.

Sometimes a TV Should Just Be a TV

Upon reading a blog post about thefuture of widgets (tiny Internet apps) on the television, Stacey Higginbotham quipped: “Caller ID through my…

Flickr Opens Up, Adds HD

After a very restrained foray initial into video last year, photo-sharing site Flickr (s YHOO) announced today an expansion of its video…

Something About Yahoo

I was unable to bring myself to participate in the morbid and nearly gleeful frenzy that turned victimization of Yahoo (s YHOO)…

Flickr Mobile Makeover

It was only two months ago that Flickr unveiled a beta version of their mobile site optimized for iPhone and iPod touch…

Yahoo Gets a Boost From Ma Bell

Yahoo!’s oneSearch will provide Web services relating to topics including news, finance, weather and access to its Flickr photos. The deal replaces a 2001 agreement where Yahoo! split revenue with AT&T when its customers signed up for broadband computer Internet services.

iPhone App Preview: Exposure

Connected Flow, makers of the crunchy goodness that is FlickrExport (casts pix from iPhoto or Aperture to Flickr) has jumped the shark…

Flickr Founders Leave Yahoo

Flickr, one of the few acquisitions that Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has not messed up, at least on the product side, is now seeing the two co-founde…

Flickr Adds (Short) Video

Flickr fanatics can now upload and share video alongside their photos, but those clips will have to be short. The long-awaited Flickr…

Introducing FlickrFan

Update: Over a month ago, I visited Dave Winer’s Berkeley, Calif. home. We went for a walk that knocked the wind out…

How TiVo Can Get Its Groove Back?

[qi:_newteevee] TiVo has been having a tough time in recent months, finding itself at the mercy of the cable providers and yet…

End of the Private Networks

The private networks might be on their last legs. Latest data from TeleGeography’s Global Internet Geography research service, shows that the Internet…