Pure Storage fleshes out flash pitch

If you wanted to use Pure Storage’s FlashArrays but weren’t a Fibre Channel shop, you were out of luck. Untill now. The startup has added 10GbE and iSCSi support — as well as snapshotting capabilities — to its solid state storage arrays.

IBM buys into flash craze with Texas Memory acquisition

The flash memory land rush continues with IBM buying Texas Memory Systems and its RamSan line this week. The news comes as flash storage startups touting flash-everywhere game plans are reaping big VC investments. IBM rival EMC bought EXtremeIO a few months ago.

Here’s why Soundcloud ditched Flash for HTML5

One of the main reasons to embrace HTML5 for media playback is to make things work on the iPad. But for SoundCloud, HTML5 has also shown much more user engagement than Flash. That’s why the company switched its default widget to HTML5.

Apple Has Already Won the Flash-HTML5 War

A majority of web video is now HTML5-ready, showing that web standards — and Apple — are winning the day when it comes to how video is delivered online. Video viewable in an HTML5 video player now accounts for 54 percent of all video online.

Video: Flash on Android Is Shockingly Bad

Flash has been touted as one of the advantages for Android mobile devices. But how does Flash video perform on handsets running Google’s mobile OS? To find out we asked Kevin Tofel to test Flash video on his Nexus One — and the results are not good.

Apple Mobile Video: Stuck in the Future

Give me flash video. I don’t want games or flashy website intros, just flash-based videos. I fear Apple is too proud to ever back-peddle on this and that may force me to seriously look into Google TV.

YouTube Backs Flash Over HTML5 Video — for Now

As one of the first major video publishers to create an HTML5 video player and push its own open-source video codec, Google has been a big backer of HTML5. Despite this, YouTube remains committed to its use of Adobe Flash for delivery of its video.

Vid-Biz: Apple vs. Flash, Comcast-NBCU, ActiveVideo

Today on the Net: Time Warner and NBC Universal say they won’t retool their video libraries for the iPad, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee is calling for NBC to divest its stake in Hulu, and ActiveVideo takes Verizon to court for patent infringement

iPhone and Android Fueling Worldwide Smartphone Growth

Sales in the smartphone market far outpaced that of feature phones in the first quarter of 2010, with each of the top five handset makers registering sales growth. As to the handset makers that gained market share — they all used one of two platforms.

CBS Video Content Coming to the iPad Via HTML5?

Apple’s iPad is now only a matter of days away and in preparation for the device’s arrival, major U.S. television network CBS is preparing its website to cater for the tablet’s needs with the testing of HTML5 content on its video pages.

OMG! Flash on the iPhone!

Today, an Adobe exec speaking at a Flash developers’ conference confirmed that Adobe is actively developing a Flash Player for Apple’s popular phone.