Flash storage

When cloud computing isn’t all about scale

Linode Founder and CEO Chris Aker has no illusions about challenging Amazon Web Services in the cloud, but that doesn’t mean he cant build a quality cloud. As he explains in this Structure Show interview, quality infrastructure and simple billing can go a long way.

MemSQL throws a curve, adds column store on flash

MemSQL, the database startup from two former Facebook engineers, has already raised a lot of money and roped in some big customers. Now it’s looking to broaden its footprint with a flash-optimized columnar store to complement its in-memory row-based one.

Now Violin Memory’s COO has left

Violin Memory Chief Operating Officer Dixon Doll, Jr., resigned just weeks after the resignation of CTO Jonathan Goldrick and termination of CEO Don Basile. The company hopes new leadership can get it back on track.

Nimble Storage gets $40M as IPO approaches

Flash storage startup Nimble Storage has raised another $40 million in preparation for an IPO within the next two years. The company, which builds appliances fusing both flash and hard disk drives, is part of a hot flash market that’s raking in venture capital.

Nimbus Data feeds flash storage frenzy

The Gemini flash array is the first of what will probably be many solid-state storage products announced this week. Nimbus Data says the new array will cut all-in storage cost to $8 per GB from $10 per GB for its previous model.

EMC goes all-flash, buys XtremIO for $430M

EMC has bought Israeli flash-storage startup XtremIO for $430 million, according to Israeli news site Globes. The acquisition was expected after rumors began swirling in late April that EMC was courting the company, which sells a storage composed entirely of flash.

If EMC buys XtremIO, the flash war is on

The rumor mill is adamant that storage giant EMC is in serious talks to buy Israeli flash-storage startup XtremIO, a move that could trigger an avalanche of flash acquisitions rivaling the scale-out-file-system feeding frenzy a couple years ago. Here’s who might get bought.

CloudSigma adds SSDs to its public cloud

Cloud provider CloudSigma has become the first to add solid-state-drive storage to its public cloud computing service. It’s designed to better CloudSigma’s price-performance ratio overall, which will bring in more and bigger customers that want to do things in its cloud that they can’t do elsewhere.

Gelsinger: EMC still in the buying mood

EMC, having spent billions on acquisitions over the last few years, ain’t done yet. At the top of the shopping list is more security, more management and more data analytics know-how, EMC’s Pat Gelsinger told reporters today at an event at Gillette Stadium.

How consumer demands drive enterprise flash storage

Fusion-io has released a pair of new components that more than double the capacity and improve performance of its previous-generation products on the latest generation of NAND flash. Enterprise flash providers must keep up with short consumer innovation cycles while operating within long enterprise buying cycles.

Violin Memory CEO: IPO coming, acquisitions possible

Violin Memory released a new line of all-flash-memory storage arrays yesterday, but my recent discussion with CEO Don Basile was all about the company’s future, which he says includes an upcoming IPO and possibly a flash acquisition or two.

Can the mid-market drive an infrastructure revolution?

Nutanix is counting on mid-size enterprises to drive its adoption of its converged infrastructure appliance. CEO Dheeraj Pandey’s stance is that SMEs have the budgets, the IT demands and the right cultures to justify taking chances on new approaches to infrastructure. He could be onto something.

Like Zynga, Digital Chocolate pulls back from the cloud

It looks like Zynga’s infrastructure strategy is rubbing off on gaming startups. Digital Chocolate, purveyor of social games such as Millionaire City and Pro MMA Fighter, is following in Zynga’s footsteps of launching games in the cloud, then bringing them back in house when demand levels.

eBay deploys 100TB of flash storage

Nimbus Data Systems today rolled out its second-generation platform and announced online auction giant eBay as a major customer. In fact, eBay has deployed a non-trivial 100TB of Nimbus gear. Have we finally reached the inflection point for primary flash storage?

Nimble Storage raises $25M to bring flash to SMEs

Nimble Storage, a startup selling flash-equipped storage appliance to small businesses, has closed a $25 million Series D round. Nimble’s approach is interesting in that it pushes flash almost more for convenience than for performance, which distinguishes it from high-end plays like Violin Memory.

SolidFire readies SSD storage systems for cloud providers

Cloud storage startup SolidFire is giving cloud providers early access to its solid-state-disk-based systems for storing customers’ data. The Atlanta-based company is building SSD-based appliances that it says will help ease the migration of enterprise applications into the cloud by significantly boosting storage performance.