5 Questions With…Hoodlum CEO Tracey Robertson

As co-founder of Hoodlum, Tracey Robertson has helped drive many award-winning transmedia campaigns, including universe-expanding content for Lost and Salt. Below, find out which social media kingpin she thinks is a game-changer, and why she’s probably mad at me for using the word transmedia.

5 Questions With…Google’s Hunter Walk

Today, Google Director of Product Development Hunter Walk answers our five questions! And on his mind are the tools that help creators connect directly with audiences, as well as YouTube’s strategy for dealing with the content world in light of those Next New Networks rumors.

5 Questions With… Dynamo Player’s Rob and Will

This week, Dynamo Player creators Will Coghlin and Rob Millis, who quit the series Political Lunch to develop the micropayment player, discuss the problems with “free,” tell a funny joke about MySpace and discuss how they’re planning to take the Dynamo Player forward.

5 Questions With…New Media Writer Bernie Su

Compulsions creator Bernie Su quit his day job to focus full-time on projects in the digital space, and today he gives his thoughts on the future balance of power in the web content world and takes his life into his hands by dissing ninjas (sort of).

5 Questions With…Big Fantastic’s Chris McCaleb

Since 2006, Big Fantastic’s Chris McCaleb has been creating web content for Vuguru,, Wonderland Sound and Vision, Generate and Seth Green. Today, Chris talks about what goes into building an audience, premiere parties and how things will be changing for Big Fantastic in 2011.

5 Questions With…YouTubers Chad, Matt and Rob

Chad, Matt and Rob aren’t just three guys named Chad, Matt and Rob; they’re three guys who’ve been making web content since 2007, and were among the first to experiment with interactive narratives. Today, they discuss misconceptions about web content and their secrets to interactivity.

5 Questions With… Rovi’s Richard Bullwinkle

This week, Rovi chief evangelist Richard Bullwinkle discusses the importance of recommendation engines for consumers, his frustration with the influence of big companies over the marketplace and whether or not the feud between apps and browsers in the connected TV space is for real.

5 Questions With…Livestreaming Pro Eddie Codel

This week, we feature Eddie Codel, who, following a stint on the Ustream staff this year, is now a freelance videographer with an impressive resume and a livestreaming emphasis. Among other things, he dishes today about the technical hurdle preventing live-streaming from taking over the world.

5 Questions With…Section 5’s Justine Bateman

Justine Bateman’s more than just an actress who’s embraced the web space — she’s also a digital production consultant and neutrality advocate. Today, she talks about the difference between user-generated content and professional web production, and explains exactly why she (still) thinks TV is dead.

5 Questions With…YouTuber Phil DeFranco

This week’s 5 Questions With… features Phil DeFranco, a YouTube star who regularly tops the Most Viewed page. Here, Phil talks about the power of being an Internet personality and how he manages to keep up with his own YouTube channel as well as other projects.

5 Questions With… Cisco’s Daniel Scheinman

This week, we’ve got Daniel Scheinman, senior VP and general manager of Cisco Media Solutions Group, who talks about the friction between content and technology in media companies, the potential value of a standardized data service and how much he hearts the San Francisco Giants.

5 Questions With…Ask a Ninja‘s Kent Nichols

Today we’ve got Kent Nichols, who co-created one of web video’s truly old-school series, Ask A Ninja. After a period of dormancy, Ninja is beginning daily updates on Monday, Oct. 4; here, Nichols discusses “buzzlingo,” fear of change, scalable content and the Olson Twins.

5 Questions With…Epic Fu‘s Zadi Diaz

For today’s Five Questions With…, we get some insight from Zadi Diaz, the co-creator and host of Epic Fu, one of web video’s longest-running series. She discusses the importance of net neutrality to online video creators and how HTML5 is helping move things forward.

5 Questions With…MeFeedia CEO Frank Sinton

MeFeedia CEO Frank Sinton blogs occasionally about his iPad and baseball. But for today’s Five Questions With…, he talks about the value of SEO in the digital landscape, the need for standardized metrics and how he’s been sharing videos with his kids recently.

5 Questions With…VODO Founder Jamie King

By partnering with creators like The Yes Men, VODO founder Jamie King has had real success using BitTorrent as a legal distribution platform. Today, King discusses online privacy and how Vodo plans to turn fan donations into a sustainable support system for creators.

5 Questions With…Transmedia Producer Nina Bargiel

Today we have Nina Bargiel, the Streamy-winning mastermind behind the expansive social media world surrounding MTV’s college vampire drama Valemont. Below, she warns the world to not call her a social media guru and talks about the lessons learned during Valemont.

5 Questions With…Howcast CEO Jason Liebman

Since 2007, CEO and co-founder Jason Liebman has overseen tremendous growth at Howcast, one of the leading how-to providers online, which streams tens of millions of videos every month. Today, he dishes about “viral video,” the lack of standards and Howcast’s approaching profitability.

5 Questions With…Know Your Meme‘s Kenyatta Cheese

Kenyatta Cheese is the producer of Rocketboom spin-off Know Your Meme, a web series and meme database which has been documenting the oddities of Internet culture since December 2007. Here, he talks about web video’s inferiority complex, championing entrepreneurs and “brand promise.”

5 Questions With…LisaNova (AKA Lisa Donovan)

Old-school YouTuber LisaNova’s comedic talents have taken her from the web to MadTV and then back to YouTube, where she co-founded The Station. In this Five Questions, she talks about the disconnect between YouTubers and the rest of the online video world.

5 Questions With…Agent Brandon Martinez

In this Five Questions With… installment, we have new media agent Brandon Martinez of Abrams Artists Agency. Martinez’s clients include The Crew‘s Brett Register and Compulsions creator Bernie Su. In response to our queries, he talks about the problems plaguing online content creators.

5 Questions With…EQAL’s Miles Beckett

In this week’s installment of our Five Questions interviews, the co-creator of lonelygirl15 and CEO of EQAL discusses the industry’s lack of imagination, location-based technology, the evil of the word “viral,” and what he might have done differently in making his seminal web series.