Our favorite Christmas gadget gifts

Christmas is time to give and receive gifts. Many of the gifts these days happen to be related to technology. I asked my colleagues what were the best gifts, ones they love the most, they received this year. Here is that short list.

The 12 gift iDeas of Christmas

As the holidays draw close, these twelve gift ideas will help accentuate the most often used features for any iPhone or iPad owner on your shopping list.

Study: wearable computing will be a $1.5B business by 2014

Google’s Project Glass may sound like a bet on a distant future, but wearable computing could become a billion-dollar business sooner that you might expect: Juniper believes that smart watches, wearable fitness gizmos and head-mounted displays will bring in $1.5 billion by 2014.

Get moving Android owners: You’ve got a Fitbit app!

Five months after debuting an app for iOS, the team at Fitbit launched a version for Android smartphones and tablets. The free software works in conjunction with the Fitbit Wireless Tracker, a $99 sensor that tracks steps, flights of stairs walked, and hours of sleep.

Bits meet bite: Check out the connected toothbrush

Want to really embrace the quantitative self? Forget tracking your sleep and start tracking your dental hygiene. Beam Technologies, a year-old startup is set to introduce a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush and app that will launch next month and retail for around $50 for the base.

Fitbit raises $12M to stay ahead of health device market

Fitbit was among the early leaders in building connected portable health devices, a market that has become crowded in the last year with new rivals. Now Fitbit is announcing it has raised $12 million to help it fend off competition from emerging rivals.

Personal Metrics Gadgets: Get Healthy While Geeking Out

Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift? You might want to consider one from the growing group of wearable personal metrics devices. The idea is data and feedback about our movement and our consumption can make us smarter, more motivated, and more competitive with ourselves and others.