Survey: Tell us your thoughts on the fate of Fisker

Fisker Automotive seems to be close to bankruptcy and just went through a hearing on Capital Hill. We invite GigaOM Readers to share their thoughts on the electric vehicle maker and how this news will affect the larger cleantech sector.

Oh, the places solar cells will go

A solar-powered loo prompts us to wonder where else can solar cells go to produce and promote clean power use. See our list of 8 places where solar cells make a good source of power.

Investor sues electric car maker Fisker

Last week an investor, Daniel Wray, who put a couple hundred thousand dollars into electric car company Fisker Automotive, filed a lawsuit against Fisker and Fisker’s fund raiser Advanced Equities. Check out the lawsuit itself:

Fisker recalls electric cars again, due to software glitch

Updated. Electric car maker Fisker Automotive issued its second recall of its inaugural car the Karma, this time due to a software malfunction that affected its entertainment and navigation systems, reports Hybridcars. Fisker will also temporarily halt sales of the Karma until the problem is fixed.

Dozens of Fisker’s electric Karma car land in U.S.

Close to forty of Fisker’s first electric car the Karma were shipped to the U.S. this weekend from a factory in Finland, and the Karma has now been certified by the EPA, according to VentureWire. It still needs approval from the California Air Resources Board.

PHOTOS: Numbers growing for Fisker Karmas

The number of Fisker Karma’s that have been produced is starting to grow, and Fisker has posted new photos of its lined up Karmas on display. These cars are a mixture of cars for a roadshow for retailers and the first cars for customers.

DOE bets on lightweight steel for fuel efficient cars

Greener transportation doesn’t just involve electric vehicles and biofuels. Lighter weight steel can make a car more fuel efficient, too. That’s the idea behind the Wednesday announcement by the federal government to offer a $730 million loan to a steel maker Severstal in Michigan.

Fisker Bumps Up Karma Price to Close to $100K

The “other” electric sports car company, Fisker Automotive, has bumped up the price of its inaugural vehicle the Fisker Karma — yet again. According to Green Car Reports, the Fisker Karma will now cost $95,900 for the baseline price.

Electric Car Maker Fisker Piles On Funding

According to a filing today, Fisker has boosted its latest equity funding round to $175 million, and has already raised $100 million of that. The company is backed by Kleiner Perkins, A123Systems (s AONE), and Ace Investments.

Netbook Wars IV: A New Hope (For Graphics)

This year isn’t quite over, but for netbooks, it’s evident what we’ll see next year — more of the same, but with a different Intel chipset featuring longer battery life and a slight boost in performance. We may see big improvements on the graphics front, though.

Mobiles Can Dial Virality for Money

New research from Flirtomatic, provider of a mobile and web-based messaging service available in the UK and Germany, suggests viral marketing via mobile phones has plenty of room to grow.

NBCU’s Green(Wash?) Week

The entire suite of NBC Universal’s (GE) media properties is going on a green offensive this week with the tagline “Green is…

PalmNone, with Windows Treo

Last month when we talked about Microsoft and Symbian were in the future of Treo, many dismissed it as speculation. No No….…

Cisco bets big on India

So my statement that the “axis of technology has shifted to somewhere in the South China Sea” is finally coming true. Couple…