For $33 you can own India’s first Firefox OS phone

Mozilla is ready to tackle the phone market in India with its newest Firefox OS handset launching this week. The specs are meager for the $33 price and web-based software making it a tough sell against competing Androids that run native apps.

Firefox for Android loses beta tag, speeds up mobile web

After months of testing and refinement, Firefox for Android loses its beta tag, bringing a fast mobile web experience to devices running Android 2.2 or greater. The updated browser touts a full web experience, new security features, desktop sync and delivers on its promise of speed.

Given Choice, Will You Install Firefox for Android?

Mozilla’s new Firefox Mobile 4 browser is available for Android and Maemo, boasting faster speeds, desktop synchronization and more, although support for Adobe Flash is missing. The mobile app could offset Mozilla’s falling desktop browser share, but chances are that most Android owners will stay stock.

Mozilla Names Mobile Exec Gary Kovacs as New CEO

Mozilla Corporation, which makes the Firefox browser, has named its next CEO: Gary Kovacs. This was a planned transition — current CEO John Lilly wants to become a VC at Greylock Partners — but perhaps not an expected choice, given Kovacs comes from outside the Mozilla fold.

Firefox for Android Beta Hands-on Review

The first beta version of mobile Firefox for Android has been released and is now available in the Android Market. We have taken it for a test drive and while it shows good potential, it may be solving a problem that doesn’t exist on Android.

How-To: Use Firefox Home for the iPhone

Last week saw the arrival of Firefox on the iPhone, but not as we know it. Mozilla’s new app, known as Firefox Home, is not strictly a browser — instead it brings your desktop browsing session direct to your iPhone.

Firefox Bets Its Mobile Future on Android, MeeGo

Firefox is a laggard in the mobile browser market, having lost early advantage to WebKit which is at the core popular mobile browsers including those on Android and iPhone. The not-for-profit group is confident that it can stage a comeback by focusing on MeeGo and Android.

Flock Dumps Mozilla for Chromium

Flock, the popular socially-based browser built on Mozilla, has a new Windows beta that rides atop Chromium, the same code base used by Google for the Chrome browser. Speed, extensions and a proven track record on mobiles are the main reasons for Flock’s browser engine swap.

Chrome Keeps Gaining, IE Keeps Losing, Firefox Is Flat

Google’s Chrome browser continues to grab market share as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to decline, according to the most recent surveys of browser usage. StatCounter said that in May, usage of IE 6 fell below 5 percent in the U.S. and Europe for the first time.

Mozilla CEO John Lilly to Step Down

John Lilly will step down as CEO of Mozilla Corporation after just two years on the job, the company confirmed today after a report by BoomTown. Mozilla is carefully calling the move as a “planned leadership transition,” saying Lilly had always wanted to be a VC.

Firefox Looks Inward For a Creative Boost

Mozilla has appointed Aza Raskin as the creative lead for Firefox. Raskin is one of the foremost experts in user interfaces and over the years has developed expertise in web user interfaces. In 2008, Raskin joined Mozilla and worked for Mozilla Labs.

Mozilla to Developers: Let's Build on Weave Sync

Mozilla, which recently released its Weave Sync add-on for Firefox has released a set-of APIs that will allow developers to use Weave Sync services in new products independent of the browser. Weave services offer an opportunity to build new apps that leverage browsing/browser specific data.

Firefox on Android Says Hello World!

Now that Firefox Mobile for Maemo is out the door, where will Mozilla turn? The Windows Mobile alpha is long in the tooth, but might it get leap-frogged by Firefox for Android? Here’s a few sites where you can watch the development progress.

A First Look at Firefox for Maemo

Has Mozilla truly brought a desktop browser to the small screen? The not-so-easy answer is yes and no. But this first version of Firefox for Maemo looks promising for an initial release. And Weave brings desktop data to your phone — even open tabs.

Why Firefox Is Hardly Doomed

Even as Mozilla rolls out Release Candidate 2 of its Firefox 3.6 browser update, and is only days from official release, some are convinced that the upstart open source browser is doomed. However, Mozilla’s Director of Firefox, Mike Beltzner, provides some good reasons why it isn’t.

Firefox 3.6 Bumped Until 2010

After many promises to deliver the next version of the Firefox browser — version 3.6 — this year, it turns out Mozilla won’t be able to deliver. According to a blog post, it won’t arrive until the first quarter, and Firefox 4.0 may also be delayed.

Mozilla Invites You to Help Design Firefox 4

Even as Mozilla’s Firefox browser continues to strip market share from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the company has been showing off user interface mockups of the next major release: Firefox 4. Now, with its new Firefox 4 Design Challenge, you’re invited to pitch in.

Why Mozilla's Deal With Google Gets Ever Shakier

The successful rise of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is one of the most storied tales of the open source community. Despite the browser’s success, however, Mozilla remains hugely financially dependent on Google– possibly perilously so.

Like Chrome, Should Firefox Put Tabs on Top?

Mozilla, the open-source browser maker, has posted mockup screenshots of its upcoming 4.0 and 3.7 browsers for Microsoft Windows (s msft), and…

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