Financial services

LearnVest’s financial planning platform lands on mobile

LearnVest, a New York-based startup offering an online financial planning platform, as well as services with Certified Financial Planners, has launched a new mobile app for the iPhone. From the app, users can track spending and view their overall financial position.

How Hadoop can help keep your money in the bank

Banks and their customers are under constant threat from cybercriminals trying to get at their money, but at least one bank is using Hadoop to help ensure those attacks aren’t successful. And it has changed the face of its analytics efforts.

NASDAQ network boss: ‘Lots of opportunity for new players’

According to Lou Modano, head of global infrastructure for NASDAQ OMX, there is “a lot of opportunity for new [hardware] players” to feed a ceaseless demand for ever lower latency in electronic trading systems. When you rely entirely on electronic trading, a faster system is key.

NYSE Builds a Specialty Cloud for Financial Markets

NYSE Technologies is rolling out a cloud platform for financial services firms that lets them provision infrastructure and access the suite NYSE Technologies trading services and market data. The cloud is built using a variety of VMware tools, as well as EMC storage products.

Will Hadoop Vendors Profit from Banks’ Data Woes?

With many companies — including those in the rich, technology-savvy financial sector — struggling to store and analyze their mountains of data, it pays to establish a foothold in the analytics market. For vendors utilizing the capabilities of Hadoop, such a promise might be even sweeter.